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Random Animals That Devour Their Prey In Just One Bite

  • Owl on Random Animals That Devour Their Prey In Just One Bite

    (#4) Owl

    • Strigiformes

    Get rid of any pop culture reference to owls that you can think of right now. Owl in Winnie the Pooh? Gone. Hedwig in Harry Potter? Gone. The owl who eats Tootsie Pops? Gone. The Hooters Owl? Get rid of that guy, too. 

    Owls will kill basically whatever - rabbits, fish, pretty much any small mammal. Owls can't chew, so the prey goes down the hatch whole. Owls don't have a crop, which is a small sac in the beak that some birds have to store food for later - so they swallow every bit of mouse, insect, or whatever is on the menu that evening.

    Or, just watch this video of an owl swallowing a rabbit. Long story short, you don't want to mess with owls. 

  • Shark on Random Animals That Devour Their Prey In Just One Bite

    (#10) Shark

    • Selachimorpha

    Sharks aren't the terrifying killers you probably think they are (a 100-pound shark eats about three pounds of fish per day), mainly because they have slow metabolisms. 

    Wobbegongs, however, are what probably fuel nightmares. The wobbegong was spotted along the Great Barrier Reef in Australia inhaling another shark. Not chewing... swallowing whole. 

    If the picture didn't convince you that the wobbegong should not be messed with, don't forget that it has very sharp teeth and very strong jaws, just in case you are too big for it to swallow in one gulp. If the wobbegong snatches you, you are out of luck. 

  • Great Blue Heron on Random Animals That Devour Their Prey In Just One Bite

    (#6) Great Blue Heron

    • Ardea herodias

    Great blue herons are all over North America, so chances are, you've seen one out in the wild. They look like less cool flamingos, standing peacefully in the water on their skinny legs. Peaceful they are not, however. The great blue heron also swallows its prey whole.

    The heron eats fish and other water creatures, and that makes perfect sense. But land creatures are in danger, too. A great blue heron was filmed in someone's yard eating a baby gopher. The heron picks it up and then eventually chokes it down whole. They are not picky eaters, either. They will eat anything from shrimp to frogs to small rodents to your very expensive koi in your backyard pond

  • Frog on Random Animals That Devour Their Prey In Just One Bite

    (#3) Frog

    • Anura

    No, seriously. Frogs can eat snakes. An Australian tree frog was caught on camera swallowing a snake whole (yes, this is as amazing as it sounds). 

    Though frogs aren't eating prey that's massively bigger than them, like the olive python, they still swallow their prey whole. It's not uncommon for a larger frog to eat a mouse whole, for example. Some bullfrogs have also eaten other frogs. No one is safe from that guy. 

    So, how can frogs do this? It makes sense that a snake has muscles to crush and push down prey. But frogs clearly don't have that capability. They are, however, pushing down food -with their eyes. When swallowing, its eyes retract downward towards the esophagus, effectively pushing down prey.

  • Whale on Random Animals That Devour Their Prey In Just One Bite

    (#7) Whale

    Can you imagine being so big that all you have to do to eat is open your mouth and wait for food to simply go into it? That is what blue whales do with krill. This type of eating is known as filter feeding. They swim towards large schools of helpless krill and swallow 'em up along with the water. The whale then pushes the water out of their mouth with their tongue, keeping the krill trapped on their bristley tongues

  • Turtle on Random Animals That Devour Their Prey In Just One Bite

    (#9) Turtle

    • Testudines

    Turtles, like many predators on this list, don't have teeth. Some have beaks, while others have lips. The ones with beaks can exert tons of pressure to snap their prey into nice bite-sized pieces. The ones with lips, like soft-shelled turtles, simply swallow their prey by sucking it down. No crazy enzymes or muscles to crush prey here! 

    Turtles have been filmed basically vacuuming up jellyfish, which looks like a twisted version of the spaghetti scene in Lady and the Tramp.

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Many animals and plants in the world rely on swallowing to feed, and snakes are the most common animal. The scenes in most documentaries are where animals eat after killing their prey, but nature is crueler. If you see a python's belly bulging, it is likely that the prey it just swallowed has not been digested. Some animals can even devour other animals that are as heavy as they are, or even larger.

The attack of some small animals is also very lethal, and their crazy feeding process is even more disgusting. After capture, they will devour the prey in one bite without chewing. The random tool lists 11 scary animals that can devour prey in one bite.

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