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Random Anime Villains No One Blames For Being Evil

  • Akito Sohma on Random Anime Villains No One Blames For Being Evil

    (#14) Akito Sohma

    • Fruits Basket

    Heads up - this section is spoiler-heavy if you haven't read the Fruits Basket manga.

    Akito Sohma, the head of the Sohma clan, is a source of constant terror for the rest of the family. But it's hard to fully hold it against her. Why? Because Akito was taught to behave that way by her deeply unstable mother Ren.

    First of all, notice the pronoun 'she.' Akito was born female, but was raised as a boy. Why? Because her mother couldn't stand the idea of her husband Akira loving any woman - even their daughter - as much as he loved her. Akira did love his daughter, but he passed away from undefined ill health - which Akito inherited. Sick, grieving, and alone with a mother who hated her, Akito had a miserable childhood.

    But how does that translate to physically and emotionally abusing her family? Because Akito inherited the 'god position' of the Sohma curse, her father told her that the other cursed members would love her unconditionally. Her father was the only person who treated her well. Meanwhile, her mother, who treated her horribly, told her that everyone hated her and would abandon her. That led to Akito lashing out at the rest of her family in order to keep them from leaving. 

  • Yut-Lung Lee - 'Banana Fish' on Random Anime Villains No One Blames For Being Evil

    (#20) Yut-Lung Lee - 'Banana Fish'

    Yut-Lung Lee is the youngest member of the Lee family - the biggest crime family in China. He briefly allies himself with Dino Golzine in order to figure out the chemical composition of a drug called Banana Fish, and he repeatedly acts aggressively toward both Ash and Eiji. 

    Why does he want to help a slimebag like Golzine, and why does he hate Ash and Eiji so much? It's because of his horrifically painful childhood. Yut-Lung is the son of a high-ranking member of the Lee family, as well as his teenage mistress. When his father passed away, his older half-brothers assaulted and then killed his mother, leaving him an orphan. Enraged at his brothers, he grew up hoping to get revenge - and the Banana Fish drug was an avenue by which to achieve that. As for Ash and Eiji, he's intensely jealous of the fact that they're actively experiencing love and human connection, and he has none of that in his own life. 

  • Isabella - 'The Promised Neverland' on Random Anime Villains No One Blames For Being Evil

    (#9) Isabella - 'The Promised Neverland'

    As the "mama" of Grace Field House, Isabella pretends to prepare orphan children to be adopted by new families - but in reality, she's selling them to demons as meat. 

    While this is viscerally terrifying, it's hard to fully blame Isabella once you learn her full story. Isabella was once in her kids' exact same position, but she was given an out. She could avoid being turned into meat herself if she trained to become a mama and perpetuate the system. With no idea how else she could possibly survive, Isabella took the deal. 

    When Emma is offered the same deal, she turns it down in favor of pursuing her escape. While this is commedable, it's understandable that not everyone would be that brave. 

  • Itachi Uchiha on Random Anime Villains No One Blames For Being Evil

    (#1) Itachi Uchiha

    • Naruto Shippūden, Naruto, Ninja World

    Pretty much every villain from Naruto has a tragic backstory that explains their behavior, but Itachi's is one of the most resonant.

    As a child, Itachi's life was defined by constant warfare. What's more, he was working as a chuunin by the age of ten, which meant that he was participating in dangerous battles on a regular basis. Though his skills were precocious, his emotions were much the same as any other kid - he was traumatized by the violence and would do pretty much anything to prevent it.

    That's why he was so vulnerable to Danzo's manipulation. Danzo approached the then thirteen-year-old boy and gave him a choice: eliminate his family and save himself and his brother, or die alongside them in a Root invasion. Itachi realized that he could have probably warned his family and prepared to fight back, but he also realized that that would probably start a war like the one that ravaged his childhood - thus taking more lives in the process. So he took Danzo's deal.

  • Shiro on Random Anime Villains No One Blames For Being Evil

    (#8) Shiro

    • Deadman Wonderland

    When Sorae Igarashi adopted Shiro, it wasn't with the intention of providing a child with a loving home. Instead, it was to use her as experimental fodder because Sorae didn't want to use her biological child, Ganta. The experiments were intended to improve the human immune system, but they were excruciatingly painful for Shiro - in many cases they literally made her arms fall off and her body come apart at the seams.

    To deal with the unbearable pain, Shiro developed an alternate personality called the Wretched Egg. The Wretched Egg was incredibly violent, taking multiiple lives in the goriest ways possible. 

  • The Warriors - 'Attack On Titan' on Random Anime Villains No One Blames For Being Evil

    (#12) The Warriors - 'Attack On Titan'

    Few viewers of Attack on Titan actually want to see Reiner, Bertholdt, and Annie achieve their goal of destroying humanity within the walls, but it's hard not to feel sympathy because of the circumstances that put them there in the first place. 

    The three of them were Eldians living in Marley. Eldians were blamed for pretty much every form of hardship that's ever happened in the history of the world, and this is used as a justification to force them into internment camps. However, a small group of children are selected as Warriors. Those warriors are expected to obey the Marley military without question, and are indoctrinated into believing that such obedience is right. In exchange, they got Marley citizenship, which meant basic human rights. 

    So, Reiner, Bertholdt and Annie initially waged war because they believed it was the right thing to do. However, as they got to know the other members of the Survey Corps, they started to feel extremely conflicted - especially Reiner, who was ultimately unable to keep up the facade of being their ally. 

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