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Random Behind Scenes Stories From McDonald's Workers Prove These People Have Seen It All

  • (#1) Heartless Heathens In Training

    From roaddog1:

    "I worked at McDonald's as well and learned first hand how that place slowly sucks your soul away...

    For example. One day I was working and as I was about to take the order of the next person in line, he just f****** fell over and started having a heart attack. Everyone froze and I ran to the back of the store and told the manager to call an ambulance, which she promptly did. But the sick part is, while this man was lying on the floor turning blue and dying three feet away from me, my other managers told me I was required to keep working. SO here I am just making a f****** millkshake with some guy dying right in front of my face so that the [people] waiting in line at the drive through can get on with their day. It was entirely [effed] up.

    meanwhile, the customers seated at the tables continued to eat and converse despite the turmoil surrounding them. Some were even pointing at the guy suffering from the heart attack and laughing to their friends.

    McDonald's taught me how callous the world is."

  • (#5) Drive-Thru Pervs Are An Occupational Hazard

    From jaderrade:

    "I worked at McDonald's in high school and was almost always the person in the first drive-thru window. At night, since we didn't have a dish washer, it was also my job to do the dishes. One night when it was very busy, a 50-60yr old man pulled up to the window in his very low car to pay for his food. I had my hair in a braided high pony tail. The man flashed me a creepy smile and commented on how nice my hair was and how it's such a good "handle."

    Being 16 years old, I was very confused and weirded out so I stepped over to do dishes as soon as I could. I thought I saw the cars move so I walked over to help the next customer and when I looked out the window I saw that the cars had not moved and the old man was sitting in his car watching porn on two separate smartphones"

  • (#2) Deep-Fried McForearm

    From [deleted]:

    "What is the worst employee injury that you have personally witnessed or experienced while working at McD's?

    I worked at an Oklahoma McDonald's for 3 years in HS/undergrad, and I witnessed a guy reach into a deep fryer, bare handed, up to his elbow, to retrieve a wayward McNugget. It was the worst scream I've ever heard, and when he yanked his arm out of the fryer, an arc of hot grease shot across the make-line and hit some girl in the face.

    It was actually pretty traumatizing."

  • (#10) There Are Plenty Of McThieves Among The Ranks

    From Xynomiate:

    "One of the managers would take two of each type of happy meal toy as part of her collection. One stayed sealed (I presume to sell on eBay someday) and one was displayed. She had worked there for many years and had basically complete sets of every toy offered in the past 15 years or so.

    Another manager would drink an orange juice every morning that she ever worked... and she was schedule as an opener about five days a week and had been for six or seven years. One of the other employees figured out the cost of her orange juice over that period and it was thousands of dollars in stolen OJ.

    Another guy would steal boxes of food and take them out back as he was taking the trash out. He got away with it for a long, long time but eventually a manager happened to see him load a box into his trunk. When they confronted him and made him open his trunk they found a case of hamburger patties. They stated their inventories had been off for a year and they could never figure out why... this guy was why.

    Others just stole food for personal meals or they would take a bunch of the 'free item' types of coupons and then use them at other McDonald's where people didn't know who they were.

    It was a small time criminal enterprise. I was simply amazed at how much theft could occur in one small McDonald's."

  • (#7) Psycho Moms

    From [deleted]:

    "A snooty lady sent her child to buy some food while she was waiting in the car - lazy cow. A few minutes later she came storming up and went ape shit saying the kid the kid didnt give her back the correct change. She kept insisting the server had stolen a £10 from her child because they thought they could get away with it. After kicking off at everyone, getting the manager over she was still shouting after the till count proved her child hadn't been short changed. The fact that we had no pockets didnt deter her from insisting the server had taken it.

    While this was going on I went to empty the bins by the door (yes I was the lobby bitch). Luckily I opened the bag to empty a tray into it and saw on the top a receipt with a £10 note folded next to it. It was with great pleasure I took them over to the hysterical woman and suggested that perhaps her child had thrown the money away. She went beetroot, mumbled some apologies and scuttled out whilst everyone working there tried to suppress their laughter."

  • (#3) Pubes, Piss And Tears

    From Eean1975:

    "About 5 years ago, I saw a McDonalds' employee scooping out the piss from a pube plugged urinal with a McDonalds' drink cup. Piss was full to the top. I had to say to him "dude your job sucks" He just looked at me like he was going to cry, took another scoop of piss and emptied it into a five gallon pail with a loud splash and just said "[I] know." 

    I instantly had hate for the manager that was making him do that on what was probably just a slow part of the day. Like hire a f*cking plumber. "

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