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Random Best Planets in the Solar System

  • Jupiter on Random Best Planets in the Solar System

    (#4) Jupiter

    The big dog in this solar neighborhood, Jupiter accounts for more than twice as much mass as all seven other planets combined. Yeah, this planet is huge, but it's also a big softie; Jupiter's a gas giant, after all.
  • Neptune on Random Best Planets in the Solar System

    (#3) Neptune

    The other other ringed planet, Neptune's on the outer edge of the system, but it's a sharp blue color, thanks to all the methane in the atmosphere. Its orbit may keep Neptune in the backwaters of the solar system, but this icy mix of water, methane, and ammonia has something crucial going for it: mystery.

    Voyager 2 is the only spacecraft that's ever really paid a visit to Neptune.

  • Earth on Random Best Planets in the Solar System

    (#1) Earth

    Home to you, me, everyone we know, and everyone who has ever lived. This place is great. It's got just the right amount of oxygen, sunlight, and all the essential ingredients for life as we know it. It may not be as exciting or mysterious as some of the flashier planets, but Earth's been pretty good to us.
  • Saturn on Random Best Planets in the Solar System

    (#2) Saturn

    A little flair can go a long way, and Saturn has arguably the best most eye-catching piece of flair in the solar system. Its beautiful rings made of ice and carbonaceous dust make it stand out in a line up of the planets, plus it has over 100 moons and moon-nuggets.
  • Mercury on Random Best Planets in the Solar System

    (#8) Mercury

    Who doesn't love a tiny tough guy? The smallest planet in the system since Pluto was kicked to the cosmic curb, Mercury takes a licking but keeps on ticking. It has virtually no atmosphere, so the whole place gets totally shellacked by asteroids and space junk.
  • Uranus on Random Best Planets in the Solar System

    (#6) Uranus

    The Smucker's of the solar system: With a name like Uranus, it has to be good. No really, though. Uranus is cooler than you might think. This planet has its own set of rings, and while they may not be flashy as Saturn's, that has to count for something.

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About This Tool

The Solar System is a System of massive suns that use their massive gravity to keep the planets, moons, asteroids, and comets around them. The Sun is located about 27,000 light-years from the Galactic Center and 23,000 light-years from the edge. The Sun is just one of 150 billion stars in the Milky Way, which is about 100,000 light-years across. The Sun moves around the center of the galaxy at a speed of 250 kilometers per second, taking about 250 million years to complete its orbit. As a result, the earth’s climate and the natural world as a whole undergo periodic changes of 250 million years.

This random generator tool introduces 8 items, mainly the 8 planets that make up the solar system. Among them are the most familiar places of habitation, the earth, as well as the moon and Venus and Mercury, which we have explored.

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