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Random Best Team and Ballpark Traditions in MLB

  • Thumb of New York Mets video

    (#6) New York Mets

    • New York City

    The Mets play in New York City, AKA the Big Apple. So it's only fitting that every time a Mets player hits a home run in Queens, a giant red apple with a Mets logo rises and lights up over top of center field. The tradition started at the old Shea Stadium in the 1980s. It continues on at the Mets new stadium Citi Field.

  • Thumb of Houston Astros video

    (#10) Houston Astros

    • Houston

    Every time a Houston Astros hitter bashes a homer, a conductor-led train with horns blaring and filled with oranges makes a trek around Minute Maid Park. The old stadium at Houston was called Union Station, so the home run train is tipping its cap to the team's history. The train also takes a victory lap when the Astros win at home.

  • Thumb of Philadelphia Phillies video

    (#8) Philadelphia Phillies

    • Philadelphia

    Philadelphia is one of the most historic cities in the United States. The home of Benjamin Franklin is seeped with American history. When the Phillies built their new stadium in 2004, Citizens Bank Park, they installed a 52-foot-tall replica of the Liberty Bell. When a Philly hitter bashes a home run, the bell rings and lights up. 

  • Thumb of Tampa Bay Rays video

    (#18) Tampa Bay Rays

    • St. Petersburg

    Allegedly a tradition borrowed from the Brooklyn Dodgers, it's common to see Tampa Bay Rays fans bring cowbells to games. Fans ring cowbells in an effort to cheer on their team and silence chants and applause from fans of the opposing team. While the cowbells are a beloved tradition, many find them to be a source of noise pollution. Nevertheless, the tradition continues despite complaints. 

  • Thumb of Texas Rangers video

    (#21) Texas Rangers

    • Arlington

    Before sausages and pierogies raced around baseball stadiums in the name of fan entertainment, there were the dot races in Arlington, Texas. The dot race was the original mascot race game and was started by Chuck Morgan in 1986. In the race, three different colored dots (blue, green, and red) race during the middle of the sixth inning. 

  • Thumb of Toronto Blue Jays video

    (#20) Toronto Blue Jays

    • Toronto

    The Toronto Blue Jays play Keith Hampshire and The Bat Boys certified gold single "OK Blue Jays" during the seventh-inning stretch. The tradition began in 1982. The best part of "OK Blue Jays" are the sweet dance moves that accompany the tune. In the early 1980s, instructors from Fitness Ontario showed fans the steps. Today Toronto's "fan activation team," AKA JForce, guides the Blue Jays faithful.

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