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Random Biggest Brawls In College Basketball History

  • Thumb of Louisville Vs. South Carolina video

    (#5) Louisville Vs. South Carolina

    Date: February 20, 1988
    Final: Louisville 98 - South Carolina 88

    South Carolina center Darryl Martin and freshman Louisville guard LaBradford Smith got into a tussle under the basket late in a Louisville victory. After being separated, Martin threw a punch and hit Smith in the face, kicking off a brawl between the rival squads.

  • Thumb of Wyoming Vs. New Mexico video

    (#7) Wyoming Vs. New Mexico

    Date: January 30, 2007
    Final: New Mexico 91 - Wyoming 83

    New Mexico's Jamaal Smith and Wyoming's Brad Jones and Brandon Ewing were the main instigators of an all-out melee between the two squads, with one of Smith's teammates nearly tackling him to try to stop the fight.

  • Thumb of Utah Valley Vs. New Mexico State video

    (#6) Utah Valley Vs. New Mexico State

    Date: February 27, 2014
    Final: Utah Valley 66 - New Mexico State 61, OT

    An overtime thriller between Utah Valley and N.M. State ended in bedlam after K.C. Ross-Miller grabbed the ball after the final buzzer and hurled it at a Utah Valley player. Then, behind that action, several players on both teams got into a fight, and eventually, the entire court was covered with fighting players and celebrating fans.

  • Thumb of Minnesota Vs. Ohio video

    (#2) Minnesota Vs. Ohio

    Date: January 25, 1972
    Final: Ohio State 50 - Minnesota 44

    A hard foul, a phony hand up, and a knee to the groin were all it took to send this Ohio State-Minnesota game into absolute chaos. With more than 30 seconds still remaining, the Minnesota athletic director announced the game was over because no one could restore order on the court.

  • Thumb of Kansas Vs. Kansas State video

    (#1) Kansas Vs. Kansas State

    Date: January 21, 2020
    Final: Kansas 81 - Kansas State 60

    Late in a blowout, Kansas State's DaJuan Gordon stole the ball and went in for a layup that gets blocked by Kansas' Silvio De Sousa, who then stood over Gordon and taunted him. The action sparked a brawl, and at one point, De Sousa picked up a chair and looked like he was going to swing it before a coach took the chair from him.

  • Thumb of BYU Vs. UTEP video

    (#4) BYU Vs. UTEP

    Date: February 9, 1985
    Final: UTEP 97 - BYU 86

    In the second half of a late-season matchup between Brigham Young and Texas-El Paso, tensions boiled over, leading to a major brawl among the players. But the person who got the worst of it was probably the referee who took a punch square on the jaw and was knocked to the ground.

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Who does not like to watch such crazy scenes? Please check this page, it is a collection of the biggest brawls in college basketball history. Some of the players are worldwide famous, you can find their information and some available videos about the brawls.

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