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  • Petra Nemcova on Random Celebrities Who Are Picky Eaters

    (#18) Petra Nemcova

    As Petra Nemcova explained to Health"There was the diet where I ate just carrots, tomatoes, and seafood. It turned my palms yellow because of the vitamin A! People looked at me like, 'Are you sick? Do you have hepatitis?!'"
  • Mariah Carey on Random Celebrities Who Are Picky Eaters

    (#12) Mariah Carey

    • 48
    Mariah Carey allegedly went on the "purple diet" to shed the baby weight after her twins were born. According to Daily Mail, 'Three days a week, she eats purple foods like plums, grapes and eggplants." Why purple? Foods that are purple tend to be contain anthocyanins, a powerful anti-oxidant. 
  • Steve Jobs on Random Celebrities Who Are Picky Eaters

    (#14) Steve Jobs

    • Dec. at 56 (1955-2011)
    In Steve Jobs, a biography written by Walter Isaacson, the author details Jobs's "occasional tendency to eat only one or two foods, like carrots or apples, for weeks at a time." Allegedly, "Jobs also spent some time as a fruitarian, a subset of veganism that means eating only fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables and grains -- absolutely no animal products."
  • Dianna Agron on Random Celebrities Who Are Picky Eaters

    (#21) Dianna Agron

    • 32
    According to ET, actress Dianna Agron can't stand it when two foods touch each other on the same plate.
  • Karl Lagerfeld on Random Celebrities Who Are Picky Eaters

    (#19) Karl Lagerfeld

    • 85
    Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld told Bazaar, "The first thing I do when I get up, I have breakfast. I have two protein shakes made for me by my doctor -- they have a chocolate taste and no sugar, of course — and steamed apples. That's all. I don't like anything else in the morning. I never drink anything hot; I don't like hot drinks, very strange. I drink Diet Coke from the minute I get up to the minute I go to bed. I can even drink it in the middle of the night, and I can sleep. I don't drink coffee, I don't drink tea, I drink nothing else."
  • Ringo Starr on Random Celebrities Who Are Picky Eaters

    (#10) Ringo Starr

    • 78
    Ringo Starr has never had pizza, curry, or an onion, according to Rolling Stone. But the Beatle does love goat cheese: "I have goat cheese because of the molecule size," Ringo told the magazine. "You know how you're always full after a glass of milk? You're always full because the molecules are huge. Look at a baby cow. Now, a goat is something our body can handle. And that's why they think I'm a little crazy." 

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About This Tool

Picky eating is a common behavior of young children, refers to the process of eating certain foods or eat only a few of their favorite or habit of food, many children do not eat fruits and vegetables, also do not like a certain color, such as red. Or the inability to accept food of a particular character, such as the form of a cigarette. Severe picky eating is also a mental illness known as a selective eating disorder.

But did you know that a lot of famous people in America are picky eaters? It’s not a disease. It’s a simple dietary preference. This random tool generated 21 items for 21 picky eating celebrities who may not eat vegetables, fruits, or meat, but isn’t that a personal preference?

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