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Random Clones Of Your Favorite Comic Book Characters Who Didn't Turn Out Lam

  • Heretic on Random Clones Of Your Favorite Comic Book Characters Who Didn't Turn Out Lam

    (#14) Heretic

    Clones are less-frequently seen over at DC Comics than at Marvel, but they’re no less impactful. Take, for example, the Heretic, a horrific clone of Damian Wayne created by his mother, Talia al Ghul. The Heretic was grown in an artificial and expedited manner, which led to him developing a hulking body with the head of a toddler.

    The already grotesque Heretic became even more terrifying in the eyes of fans when he skewered Damian on the point of a sword, earning him the righteous vengeance of their father, Batman.

  • Justice League 3000 on Random Clones Of Your Favorite Comic Book Characters Who Didn't Turn Out Lam

    (#12) Justice League 3000

    Justice League 3000 is about as wacky of a sci-fi concept as one can find in a mainstream comic, and so of course it's clone-related. The series is set a millennium into the future of the DC universe, and follows a team of clones of the original Justice League. Rather than existing as exact duplicates, the clones are imperfect. 

    They have gaps in their memories, new personalities, and different abilities to ensure a fresh team dynamic. Batman and Superman hate each other, and the Flash and Green Lantern have much different powers in their new incarnations. The character who sees the biggest change is definitely Guy Gardner, whose gender actually changes as a result of the cloning process. If you ever thought it would be fascinating to see Guy Gardener as a woman, this is the comic for you. 

  • Ragnarok on Random Clones Of Your Favorite Comic Book Characters Who Didn't Turn Out Lam

    (#10) Ragnarok

    Tony Stark has done some really terrible things in his time, but his creation of Ragnarok, a clone of Thor, was easily one of his greatest transgressions. Ragnarok was apparently cloned from a hair Stark collected from Thor the very first day the Avengers formed, proving that Tony is a jerk with impeccable foresight.

    Stark collaborated with Reed Richards and Hank Pym to create the half-clone, half-android Ragnarok, and used him against their fellow heroes during the first Marvel Civil War. Predictably, the overpowered monstrosity quickly got out of hand, and ended up blowing a hole through former Avenger Goliath in front of a ton of witnesses. Later on in the story, Ragnarok got his head smashed in by Hercules, but he was eventually rebuilt and served a stint on the Thunderbolts.

  • Evan Sabahnur on Random Clones Of Your Favorite Comic Book Characters Who Didn't Turn Out Lam

    (#11) Evan Sabahnur

    Apocalypse is eternal, and the ancient mutant menace has returned to life via cloning or some similar mechanism on multiple occasions. The most interesting case was probably Evan Sabahnur, created in the pages of Uncanny X-Force. The Wolverine-led black ops team was called in to deal with a newly-resurrected Apocalypse, but second-guessed the mission when they learned that the new version of their foe was only a child.

    Fantomex made the tough call and shot the boy in the head, but the decision haunted him, and he set up an experiment to answer his doubts. He cloned Apocalypse again and raised the new new child in a digital, Smallville-esque setting, hoping to prove that nobody could be born evil. In the end, he was right, and Evan has been on the side of good ever since.

  • Stepford Cuckoos on Random Clones Of Your Favorite Comic Book Characters Who Didn't Turn Out Lam

    (#8) Stepford Cuckoos

    For a while in X-Men continuity, the Stepford Cuckoos were a group of quintuplets who just so happened to have near-identical appearances and the same abilities as Emma Frost. Eventually, however, it was revealed that Sophie, Phoebe, Mindee, Celeste, and Esme were actually clones of Frost created by the Weapon Plus program, the same organization responsible for Wolverine and X-23.

    The group of powerful psychics were only informally known as the Cuckoos, and preferred their own codename of Five-In-One. Sadly, that had to later be shortened to Three-In-One when Sophie and Esme were killed in close succession.

  • The Jackal on Random Clones Of Your Favorite Comic Book Characters Who Didn't Turn Out Lam

    (#13) The Jackal

    The Jackal is an old school Spider-Man villain, and the one primarily responsible for most of Spidey’s clone-related shenanigans, including the infamous Clone Saga. A few clones of the Jackal himself have shown up over the years, but the one who appeared in 2016’s Clone Conspiracy was something altogether different.

    This version perfected the previous Jackal’s cloning technology, allowing him to resurrect perfect copies of the dead. When Spider-Man confronted him, the new Jackal also proved to be Spidey’s equal in combat, which was surprising until his true identity was revealed: Ben Reilly, the original Spider-clone. The story was cool enough to (almost) justify the Clone Saga

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