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Random Computer Repair Workers Share Their Weirdest Stories

  • (#5) He Started Dissecting A Foot

    From Redditor /u/GotSka81:

    I was once working for a hospital, and we got a call about a PC in the "gross room," which is pretty much what you would expect. The room is dedicated to dissecting and researching body parts and such that are removed from [cadavers] or during surgeries.

    I was working on the PC for several days and got to know the staff. At one point, the gentleman next to me asked, "Are you squeamish?" to which I replied, "Nope, do what you have to do," and he pulls a full human foot (up to the ankle) out of his bag and begins doing whatever it is that they do (involves chemicals, maybe preservation?). Pretty awesome.

  • (#1) They Found A Live Snake

    From Redditor /u/Helen_A_Handbasket:

    [In this] particular job, we received units for repair from all over the US, so we'd occasionally find things in them that obviously didn't come from our area. Found a [deceased] scorpion in one once, many live spiders, a... mummified lizard, and a live snake.

    It wasn't a very big one, only about a foot long since it had to fit through a missing slot cover in the back of the system. It probably just crawled in there looking for warmth, I'd suspect. I popped off the lid, and there it was, just curled up next to the power supply. I have no fear of snakes, so I just picked it up and took it outside to let it go. It did freak out several people on my way out of the building, though.

  • (#4) He Forgot The Monitor

    From a former Redditor:

    A guy came in with a desktop computer and said that he couldn't get it to work. I put it on our counter and started hooking it up to the monitor to see what he was talking about. When he sees me doing this, he says, "Oh, I need a monitor!" I laughed a little, thinking he was trying to be funny. He was not trying to be funny.

    He thanked me, grabbed the computer, and left. I just stood around awkwardly while I processed what had just happened.

  • (#13) They Occasionally Received Computers Covered In Blood

    From Redditor /u/M374llic4:

    [Weirdest] thing I ever saw ON someone's computer? I used to worked for the Geek Squad at their national laptop repair facility. We got laptops that were busted up and covered in blood. Filled with salt water from dropping it in the ocean. Roaches inside of them, ants, spiders, chocolate.

  • (#2) She Had An Awkward Google Search Open

    From Redditor /u/meatwad75892:

    I was at an elementary school doing updates to a classroom's computers and got to the teacher's desk. Class was at lunch, and the teacher left her computer unlocked with a Google search page open.

    She [had] searched for "do watermelon seed gets you pregnent?"

    There. That's [who's] teaching your children.

  • (#8) His Computer Was Stuffed With Food

    From Redditor /u/BushidoSamurai:

    The craziest thing I've experienced was probably this Nigerian guy [who] would come in from time to time [with] computer issues... The first time he came in, he told me his mouse wasn't working. It was a factory laser Gateway mouse that came with his computer. I plugged it up to our tech computer, wiggled it around, and got nothing. Looked at the laser on the bottom, and it was gunked up pretty bad.

    I asked him if he ate food around his computer. He said he didn't, but his children did... I told him I'll de-gunk it, and it should work. Well, I unscrewed the bottom of the mouse to open it up, and I kid you not, peanut butter had filled the entire inside of the mouse. Perfectly from edge to edge like someone took the mouse apart, filled the inside [with] peanut butter, smoothed the top off, and closed it. I confronted him saying, "Is this some kind of joke, sir?" and he insisted he didn't do [it], but his oldest son probably did (kid was maybe 10-12).

    I told him [to] NOT let his son anywhere near his computer, fearing he might do more damage. Well, about two weeks later, be brought in his desktop saying there was a CD stuck in the CD tray and it wouldn't open. I took out a paper clip and tried to open it [with] the little force open button, and it did nothing. So I went and go some tweezers and a flashlight to see if I could see the inside of the tray. [His] son had somehow shoved eight popsicle sticks into the CD tray and shattered the disc in there. Told him his CD burner was FUBAR'd and got another one off the shelf to install.

    I popped off the front of the computer to install the new CD burner, and I found about 10 more popsicle sticks, half a dozen fried shrimp, a pacifier, and what looked to be a [used] tissue [with] the goop of a spilled soda. I showed him all this and told him if he doesn't show his son some discipline, it's only going to get worse. Fortunately, his son was right there, and we showed him what he did. His dad chewed [him] out while he sat there [with] a "I give no f*cks!" look...

    I went by his house on another occasion to install some software, and his kid was still a brat. Would walk by me while I was peacefully working and would scream at the top of his lungs. I would scream back at him playfully, trying my best to not knock the kid out for about blowing out my eardrums... Wasn't surprised to see that the desk... and carpet [were] sticky [with] soda... and smelled like mildew.

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For convenience, many consumers will choose small shops to repair computers at will. To make high profits, some computer repair workers will not abide by the correct maintenance rules, it is not only the quality difficult to guarantee but also no uniform standard for maintenance costs. Many professional computer maintenance workers are not so easy. They may face difficult tasks or complicated customers.

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