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Random Craziest Coach Meltdowns of All Time

  • Thumb of Nick Vitucci video

    (#25) Nick Vitucci

    • 52

    Talk about a throwing a temper tantrum.

    After finding out that one of his players picked up a game misconduct penalty for fighting, former Toledo Walleye head coach Nick Vitucci figured the best thing to do was have an epic meltdown, as he tossed a variety of items onto the ice to show his displeasure with the call, including water bottles and sticks.

    Note to all other coaches: this is how you truly lose it.

  • Thumb of Mike Ditka video

    (#12) Mike Ditka

    • 80


    Just the name itself embodies intimidation, doesn't it? That's why the former head coach always seemed to do as he wanted to, often showing his true colors no matter the situation.

    After a poor showing by his New Orleans Saints team in practice, Ditka was clearly a little irked, using his steely personality to respond to a reporter's question and, for a moment, probably making the writer's heart stop for fear that the coach was going to knock him out.

  • Thumb of Woody Hayes video

    (#15) Woody Hayes

    • Dec. at 74 (1913-1987)

    For Ohio State Buckeyes fans, this is a moment that is ingrained into their minds as one of the lowest points in the school's prestigious football program's history.

    The meltdown that legendary Bucks coach Woody Hayes had during the 1978 Gator Bowl is well-documented, as he punched then Clemson Tigers linebacker Charlie Bauman, leading to him getting fired immediately.

  • Thumb of John L. Smith video

    (#21) John L. Smith

    • 71

    When assembling a staff in any business, it's critical to get people who complement one another and understand their responsibilities. Former Michigan State Spartans head football coach John L. Smith didn't think that was the case with a few of his assistants back in 2005.

    After ending the first half poorly in a game against the Ohio State Buckeyes, Smith was fired up while walking to the locker room, ranting on live TV about the poor job some of this staff was doing - which left fans laughing at his pouting.

  • Thumb of Jim Mora video

    (#5) Jim Mora

    There might not be a more popular and hilarious rant in sports than former NFL head coach Jim Mora's back in 2001. No matter how much time passes, the sound of his voice wondering why a reporter would ask if his Indianapolis Colts had a chance at the playoffs is just incredible.

    While Mora enjoyed some success as a head coach, does anyone think of him for anything other than this moment?

  • Thumb of John Chaney video

    (#20) John Chaney

    • 87

    No, your ears are not lying to you after watching that video of former Temple Owls head coach John Chaney, he really did tell then UMass coach John Calipari that he would "kill" him.

    Give Chaney credit for one thing - he didn't hold back. Once crossing that threshold of crazy, he went all-in, saying things that he, no doubt, didn't actually mean, yet were still hilarious.

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