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Random Horrifying Animals From Thailand

  • Scorpionfish on Random Horrifying Animals From Thailand

    (#9) Scorpionfish

    • Scorpaenidae

    Sometimes called rockfish since they roam among the rocks on the ocean floor, scorpionfish have body markings that allow for easy camouflage. Their spines also contain venom that subdues and kills prey which get swallowed whole. Although the venom isn't often fatal to humans, you might end up in a lot of pain if you brush against one. Numbness, swelling, and bleeding, might occur and medical attention should be sought to avoid possible seizures, vomiting, or breathing difficulties. Scorpionfish can live out of water for 24 hours, so it's probably wise to avoid them if they wash up on the beach.

  • Leech on Random Horrifying Animals From Thailand

    (#11) Leech

    • Hirudinea

    Emerging from the water to find a thirsty leech attached to your body can be horrifying, but in Thailand, you don't even have to go into the water to be attacked. Jawed land leeches can be found throughout Southeast Asia, including on the ground in Thailand's jungles and forests. They have two or three jaws that latch on prey and suck blood. Land leeches detect victims' body heat and attach to people. The leeches are so numerous during certain times of the year that leech socks are available for purchase. Since they resemble plastic leg warmers, these socks aren't the most fashionable accessories but they do prevent leech attacks.

  • Tiger shark on Random Horrifying Animals From Thailand

    (#13) Tiger shark

    • Galeocerdo cuvier

    Tiger sharks attack humans almost as much as great whites. These sharks average about 10 feet long, and they have tiger-like banding on the skin. Their blue-green color allows for camouflage in the water; they like to sneak up on prey. Tiger sharks are not picky eaters. They consume license plates, trash bags as well as turtles and other fish. Their excellent senses of smell, sharp teeth, and powerful jaws make them efficient hunters. Tiger sharks crush the hard shells of turtles and clams. Tiger sharks don't normally chase prey, but they tend to stick around after biting humans, unlike great whites who usually swim away.

  • Banded Krait on Random Horrifying Animals From Thailand

    (#12) Banded Krait

    The black and yellow coloring of Thailand's banded kraits is a warning to take care. These snakes average a length of about five feet and are considered highly dangerous. Their extremely potent venom can paralyze nervous systems, causing asphyxiation or other organ failure. People die only hours after being attacked. Banded kraits typically consume other snakes, though. And luckily, they aren't aggressive unless provoked. The nocturnal creatures can be easily avoided.

  • Titan triggerfish on Random Horrifying Animals From Thailand

    (#8) Titan triggerfish

    • Balistoides viridescens

    Titan triggerfish may be pretty, but they notoriously attack human swimmers when they feel threatened. Mating periods are especially dangerous. Divers claim the fish roll onto their sides and stare with beady eyes before attacking. Triggerfish teeth can pierce wetsuits and fins. The creatures even rip off people's ears. A poison called ciguatoxin passes from fish to prey, causing serious infection when left untreated. Triggerfish may also headbutt you. They leave large bruises and knock out some divers.

  • Asian giant hornet on Random Horrifying Animals From Thailand

    (#2) Asian giant hornet

    • Vespa mandarinia

    Asian giant hornets are appropriately named since they are the largest hornets in the entire world. Members of the wasp family, they live throughout Eastern Asia and can grow to almost two inches long; the queens are even larger. The hornet's stinger does not detach like some other wasp species, so it can sting a victim multiple times. The venom contains around eight chemicals which can cause pain and breathing difficulties. 

    Giant hornets are also very fast, sometimes flying up to 25 miles per hour. Most humans whom die after an attack are allergic to the venom.

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We all know that most Thais love to cook insects. People will see a variety of insect dishes in Thai snack streets and night markets, these ingredients come from the local and contain beetles, caterpillars, crickets, star anise spiders, etc. Because of the hot and humid climate and unique natural environment in Thailand, here is the best habitat for many terrifying animals, and we have to admit that some animals are dangerous.

For most travelers, all kinds of insects are indeed very scary. Here the random tool lists 17 of the terrifying animals from Thailand that can even ruin the beach vacation. We recommend that tourists should prepare some anthelmintics and heatstroke prevention pills, or purchase in Thailand.

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