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Random Luckiest Characters In The ‘Star Trek’ Franchis

  • Reginald Barclay on Random Luckiest Characters In The ‘Star Trek’ Franchis

    (#8) Reginald Barclay

    • Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek

    Who He Is: Lieutenant Reginald Barclay lands a position on board the USS Enterprise-D, but due to his nervousness and lack of confidence, he stammers often and ends up causing a lot of problems for the rest of the crew. Despite this, he continues in his career to eventually help in the creation of the Emergency Medical Hologram at Jupiter Station.

    Barclay later helps bridge the unfathomable gap of communications between the USS Voyager and the rest of Starfleet when the former winds up on the wrong side of the galaxy.

    Why He's So Lucky: Despite being a bumbling fool half the time, Reg becomes a trusted member of the crew. Lt. Cdr. La Forge cuts him a lot more slack than most would in his position, and this results in his continued advancement in Starfleet.

    Luckiest Moment: Barclay's Starfleet career includes such incredible highs and abysmal lows that picking one moment is difficult. It could be that time he contracts "Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome," which Dr. Crusher names after him, but doesn't mutate into an alien spider. It could also be when Captain Picard chooses not to transfer him off the ship for spending all his free time - and work time - in the holodeck. Or perhaps it's the fact that he is able to achieve any success in Starfleet despite his crippling phobia of transporters.

  • Miles O'Brien on Random Luckiest Characters In The ‘Star Trek’ Franchis

    (#10) Miles O'Brien

    Who He Is: Senior Chief Petty Officer Miles O'Brien begins his Starfleet career fighting in the Federation-Cardassian War, but later ends up working as the transporter chief on the USS Enterprise-D. After that posting, he is transferred to DS9, where he works as Chief of Operations before settling into a life of teaching at Starfleet Academy.

    Why He's So Lucky: Few people, O'Brien included, would consider him lucky. In fact, he's one of the unluckiest people in Starfleet, considering all the terrible catastrophes, horrific conflicts, possessions, kidnappings, temporal paradoxes, and dangerous mishaps he's involved with. That being said, the man somehow survives each and every time. By simply being alive, and living to retirement, he's shown just how lucky he truly is.

    Luckiest Moment: Despite not wanting to associate closely with Dr. Bashir, the Doc manages to break through O'Brien's tough exterior, and the two men become the closest of friends. Meeting the doctor and failing to push him away is truly O'Brien's luckiest moment.

  • Khan Noonien Singh on Random Luckiest Characters In The ‘Star Trek’ Franchis

    (#3) Khan Noonien Singh

    • Star Trek Into Darkness, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek

    Who He Is: A genetically modified human who rises to prominence during the Eugenics Wars of the late 20th century to become the tyrannical ruler of more than a quarter of Earth's population. He and his followers flee persecution in a sleeper ship called the SS Botany Bay, which is how he is discovered and revived in the 23rd century.

    Why He's So Lucky: In terms of genetics, Khan wins the genetic lottery, but he would argue that he makes his own luck through pure strength of will, superior tactics, and a genius-level intelligence.

    Luckiest Moment: By all rights, Khan should have perished shortly after Kirk exiled him to Ceti Alpha V. A cataclysm on the next planet over, Ceti Alpha VI, wipes out most of the indigenous life on the planet, including Khan's wife. The surviving planet is knocked into a new orbit, turning it into a wasteland. While none of that is lucky, what follows certainly is.

    The events of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan only occur because Starfleet fails to do its homework. The organization completely overlooks the fact that an entire planet has blown up and been replaced by its neighbor. No sooner does the USS Reliant land on Ceti Alpha V than Khan and his people subdue the crew and seek revenge for their suffering. Khan's lucky that Chekov didn't remember where he'd seen the Botany Bay before - until it was too late to stop him from shoving a worm in his ear.

  • Quark on Random Luckiest Characters In The ‘Star Trek’ Franchis

    (#4) Quark

    • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Insurrection, Star Trek

    Who He Is: Quark is a Ferengi who owns a bar on Deep Space Nine. He works through the Cardassian occupation and continues in his proprietorship following the handoff to the Federation. Despite being a profit-hungry Ferengi, Quark often demonstrates allegiances to his friends and bar patrons, making him occasionally trustworthy and an important figure on board the station.

    Why He's So Lucky: Despite constantly committing offenses and doing nearly anything he can do to earn a profit, he has escaped incarceration multiple times. His ability to think on his feet usually gets him out of a jam, and he never pays much of a price for his misdeeds.

    Luckiest Moment: When Quark learns that his mother is involved with the Grand Nagus, he quickly becomes elevated as a Ferengi due to his close connection to the leader of his people. Through several different events, he becomes one of the most important people in Ferengi society - until his brother ultimately becomes Nagus instead of him.

    It may seem like a bum rap for Quark, but his brother Rom loves him unconditionally, meaning Quark is probably better situated in his culture than if he became the Nagus himself.

  • Geordi La Forge on Random Luckiest Characters In The ‘Star Trek’ Franchis

    (#11) Geordi La Forge

    • Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Chains of Betrayal, Star Trek Nemesis, Star Trek: Insurrection, Star Trek Generations, Star Trek

    Who He Is: Lieutenant Junior Grade Geordi La Forge advances quickly through the ranks of the Enterprise to become the chief engineer with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He is a brilliant engineer and one of the smartest people in all of Starfleet where warp mechanics are concerned.

    Why He's So Lucky: To be fair, Geordi isn't incredibly lucky. He's been subjected to heartbreak, deadly terrors, and horrific mishaps. Also, he's born completely blind. Ultimately, Geordi's luck stems from his ability to overcome all the hardships of his life to become a significant member of Starfleet.

    Luckiest Moment: When he is 5, Geordi receives a VISOR, which makes it possible to see the world around him, albeit not in the same way as most people. This event changes his life and helps set him on the path that would lead to his life of success and well-deserved respect.

  • Jonathan Archer on Random Luckiest Characters In The ‘Star Trek’ Franchis

    (#13) Jonathan Archer

    • Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek

    Who He Is: Prior to the creation of the United Federation of Planets, a fledgling Starfleet chose Captain Jonathan Archer as the first commander of the Enterprise NX-01, the planet's first fully functional warp-capable starship. Archer helps explore the galaxy, and it is through his command Earth is able to make contact with many previously unknown alien species.

    Why He's So Lucky: Despite being the type of officer who runs headfirst into almost every possible situation, his actions get results that somehow don't result in the demise of his crew or the destruction of his ship. He is remembered by historian John Gill as the "greatest explorer of the 22nd century," and is often credited as being one of the main people who helped launch the UFP (and later come to lead it as one of its earliest presidents).

    Luckiest Moment: In 2150, Archer is chosen to command the Enterprise NX-01 over his greatest rival, Captain Robinson. The two have a long-running adversarial relationship due to their competitiveness with one another as they progressed through their careers, but it is Archer who is chosen to lead the first human starship.

    Of course, being the son of famed warp scientist Henry Archer probably didn't hurt his chances...

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