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Random Military Vehicles You Can Actually Own

  • Whiskey Class Submarine (with Optional Submarine Base) on Random Military Vehicles You Can Actually Own

    (#13) Whiskey Class Submarine (with Optional Submarine Base)

    There's more than one way to make an entrance on your next visit to South Beach. If this 1958 Soviet Whiskey Class patrol submarine doesn't get you looks, nothing will. This Soviet design was heavily influenced by the German U-Boats of WWII, and many are still in active service in North Korea. So, if you're into playing the bad boy, this boat is a triple winner. It's got enough range to submerge to its 650-foot maximum depth off of Long Beach, go around South America, surface in New York City harbor, and fire all 56 torpedoes at Donald Trump's yacht. All that for the bargain basement price of $497,000. 

    But of course, your new public relations tool is going to need a place to hang out when not in use. How about a 25,000 square foot submarine base located in the beautiful fjords of Olavsvern, Norway? NATO has approved the private sale of this Cold War naval base and submarine pen, but pricing hasn't been announced. Features include ready access to merchant shipping lanes, a mountain to protect from bunker-busting bombs, and very favorable school zoning. 
  • Renault Sherpa on Random Military Vehicles You Can Actually Own

    (#3) Renault Sherpa

    The Renault Sherpa is the Hummer for people who love Hummers, but don't vote Republican. Ride of choice for French and NATO forces, the Sherpa is Europe's take on the Hummer H1. At a quarter-million dollars new for the civilian version, it's not too far off of a civilian H1, but you can find used Sherpas for a fraction of that.

    With its snazzy sportback roof, angled nose, and decidedly Lamborghini-esque wheel arches, the Sherpa looks a bit more Dakar Rally than Afghanistan battlefield. Don't let that fool you, this European is plenty tough enough to handle every pothole America's roads can throw at it.

  • Chieftain Mk10 on Random Military Vehicles You Can Actually Own

    (#5) Chieftain Mk10

    British military surplus retailer Tank Limo offers an assortment of Chieftain tanks, including this beautiful Mk10 from the early 1970s. The Chieftain line remains in combat use today, and fully functional models with working main guns go for around $80,000. A runner in need of restoration can go for around $50K, and DIY tanks in need of complete restoration can be bought for as little as $20K. Not a bad deal, minus the extra $10,000 or so you'll pay to have a freakin' tank shipped from England.
  • Tucker Snocat on Random Military Vehicles You Can Actually Own

    (#6) Tucker Snocat

    Planning an expedition to the North Pole to scout for nuclear missile site locations? Then this Cold War era Tucker Snocat may be for you. Tucker has long been the brand name for go-anywhere tracked vehicles, and its Snocat is the go-to ride for Antarctic explorers. Capable of traversing eight-foot-wide crevasses that would send most other vehicles plummeting, this beast is available for a stunningly reasonable $15,000. 
  • SS-21 Scarab Nuclear Missile Launcher on Random Military Vehicles You Can Actually Own

    (#18) SS-21 Scarab Nuclear Missile Launcher

    The 300-horsepower, six-wheeled launcher pictured is technically known as the BAZ 5921 SS-21, but it's better known as the Scarab Missile Launcher. For only about $150,000, you too can fling 100 kiloton warheads up to 115 miles away from this highly mobile launch platform. Ideal for delivering Fourth of July fireworks to Cuba from Miami, the BAZ 5921 is perfect for those 1950s kids looking for a touch of nostalgia. 
  • Jeep Staff Car on Random Military Vehicles You Can Actually Own

    (#14) Jeep Staff Car

    Proving once again that nobody does retro like Mopar, this Rubicon Concept has to be the coolest thing Jeep's done in years. Almost enough to forgive the Liberty. Apart from its modern grille, this Jeep looks for all the world like a perfectly restored WWII Willys staff car. Technically, it's not a "military vehicle" yet, and it's still in the concept stage, but even if this modern Staff Car never sees a battlefield, it gets a pass just for being awesome.

    If Jeep puts it into production, it will probably be as a variant of the $41,000 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Hard Rock. 

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