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Random Movies No '80s Kid Is Actually Nostalgic About

  • Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins on Random Movies No '80s Kid Is Actually Nostalgic About

    (#12) Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins

    • Anthony Hopkins, Kate Mulgrew, Wilford Brimley, Joel Grey, George Coe, Fred Ward, Patrick Kilpatrick, Michael Pataki, Charles Cioffi, Cosie Costa, J. A. Preston

    Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins stars Fred Ward as a New York City cop who is recruited to become an assassin for a covert government agency. Trained by martial arts master Chiun (portrayed, in lamentable yellowface, by Oscar-winning actor Joel Grey), Remo embarks on a mission to foil a nefarious arms manufacturer with ties to the United States military. As the subtitle suggests, Remo Williams was intended to kick off a major action franchise - something that could rival the James Bond series. It even had its own theme song called "Remo's Theme (What If?)," performed by Tommy Shaw of Styx.

    Audiences didn't want a new Bond, though, and the movie fizzled with just $14 million at the North American box office. All sequel plans were immediately scrapped. Not even endless cable airings could rescue Remo from the ash heap of '80s cinema history. 

  • Mac and Me on Random Movies No '80s Kid Is Actually Nostalgic About

    (#5) Mac and Me

    • Jennifer Aniston, Nikki Cox, Danny Cooksey, Christine Ebersole, Andrew Divoff, Squire Fridell, Tina Caspary, Laura Waterbury, Jack Eiseman, Jonathan Ward, Ivan J. Rado, Lauren Stanley, Jade Calegory, Vinnie Torrente

    It's bad enough that Mac and Me is a shameless ripoff of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. Like Steven Spielberg's classic, it's about a young boy who befriends a lost space alien looking to be reconnected with its family. What's worse, though, is that the movie is more or less a 90-minute commercial for Coca-Cola and McDonald's. Product placement is rampant. Everyone in the movie guzzles Coke. The teenage girl next door works at McDonald's. The alien is seen wearing a "McKids" t-shirt at one point. Then there's the mind-blowingly stupid scene in which a bunch of people break into an impromptu choreographed dance routine in the middle of a McDonald's.

    The only way this picture could stoop lower would be if a McDonald's employee showed up at the home of anyone watching it to ask if they want fries with that. 

  • Masters of the Universe on Random Movies No '80s Kid Is Actually Nostalgic About

    (#14) Masters of the Universe

    • Courteney Cox, Dolph Lundren, Frank Langella, Billy Barty, Meg Foster, Christina Pickles, Robert Duncan McNeill, James Tolkan, Chelsea Field, Jon Cypher, Anthony De Longis, Gwynne Gilford

    Masters of the Universe toys were huge in the '80s, as was the after-school animated TV series. So what went wrong with the movie? He-Man and Skeletor did battle on the big screen, but the technology of the era wasn't good enough to recreate the epic atmosphere that fans were expecting.

    The special effects and makeup work are somewhat less than convincing. Whatever you imagined when playing with the action figures as a kid is doubtlessly way more exciting than anything that happens here, even if your made-up adventures didn't feature Dolph Lundgren, Frank Langella, and Courteney Cox. 

  • Revolution on Random Movies No '80s Kid Is Actually Nostalgic About

    (#3) Revolution

    • Al Pacino, Annie Lennox, Donald Sutherland, Nastassja Kinski, Robbie Coltrane, Joan Plowright, Graham Greene, Richard O'Brien, Steven Berkoff, Dave King, Sid Owen, Dexter Fletcher, John Wells, Frank Windsor

    A great movie makes history come alive. A mediocre movie makes history seem dull. Revolution is the latter. On the surface, this 1985 film looked like a sure bet for the Oscars. Acting legend Al Pacino! Oscar-nominated Chariots of Fire director Hugh Hudson! Important historical subject matter! 

    In spite of an impressive pedigree, Revolution pales in comparison to dozens of other historical dramas. Even reading a high school textbook is more enthralling. And let's not forget Pacino's Brooklyn accent, which seems hilariously out of place in 1776. 

  • The Garbage Pail Kids Movie on Random Movies No '80s Kid Is Actually Nostalgic About

    (#4) The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

    • Jim Cummings, Anthony Newley, Phil Fondacaro, Arturo Gil, Mackenzie Astin, Debbie Lee Carrington, Lynn Cartwright, Katie Barberi, Kevin Thompson, Bobby Bell, Susan Rossitto, Marjory Graue, Ron MacLachlan, J.P. Amateau, Larry Green

    The Garbage Pail Kids Movie is based on a popular series of stickers that spoofed the Cabbage Patch Kids. A movie based on stickers? Has there ever been a flimsier inspiration for a feature-length film? ("Hold my beer," says The Emoji Movie.)

    The Kids are designed to be gross and repugnant, which the film certainly follows up on. One has sores all over his face, one has a perpetually runny nose, and another repeatedly wets his pants. Hard to believe children were turned off by that, isn't it? Add in the creepy large-headed costumes, and you've got nightmare fuel for a month. Perhaps most perplexing of all is that the filmmakers hired Anthony Newley to star - because what child doesn't love that British singer and stage actor from the 1960s?

  • The Toy on Random Movies No '80s Kid Is Actually Nostalgic About

    (#15) The Toy

    • Richard Pryor, Jackie Gleason, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Alex Hyde-White, Scott Schwartz, Stocker Fontelieu, Louis Herthum, Virginia Capers, Tony Burton, Paul Tuerpe, Teresa Ganzel, Don Hood, Steve Kahan, Harold Herthum, Tody Bernard, B.J. Hopper, Stuart Baker-Bergen, Bill Holliday, Davis Hotard, James Roddy, Ray Spruell, Valerian Smith, Malik Farrakhan, Orwin C. Harvey, Robert M. Stevens, Annazette Chase, Robert Neilson, Charles Detraz, Sally Birdsong, Robert Earle, Robert Adams, Marilyn Gleason, Elbert Andre Patrick, Lewis Baker, Karen Leslie-Lyttle, Annie McGuire, Santos Swing, Delana Renay Cole, Robert Costley, Jim Beyer, George Howard, Juan Coleman, Lucy Campbell Rowland, Bob Cherry, Linda McCann, La Monica Matthews, Louis Weinberg, Pauline Barcelona, Dawnis Kaye Smith, Helen Howard, Debra Cole, Jon Ralph Wilson, Tot Beyer, Beverly Tagge, Mark Bennett, Willie Swing, Bruce Langley, Jim Clancy, J.D. Martin

    The Toy is a movie that makes you ask, "Exactly how prejudiced were people in 1982?" In this politically incorrect comedy, Jackie Gleason plays a millionaire who hires an African American man (Richard Pryor) to be his bratty young son's plaything. Not his playmate - his play thing. From there, the audience is supposed to laugh as the kid torments Pryor in various ways, including firing at his face with a rubber dart blaster and dumping oatmeal on his head.

    Why anyone thought it was okay to make a family film in which children are asked to giggle at white people making a Black man's life miserable is one of the great cinematic mysteries of all time. 

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