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Random Norwegian Sportspeoplreport

  • Oddvar Brå, cross-country skier

    (Skiing) (Winter sports)

  • Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå, mountain biker, Olympian

    (Other) (Summer/all-year)

  • Lars Hjorth, striker

    (Association football) (Summer/all-year)

  • Inga Berit Svestad, right wing

    (Handball) (Summer/all-year)

  • Pål Rustadstuen, midfielder

    (Association football) (Summer/all-year)

  • Kristen Skjeldal, cross-country skier

    (Skiing) (Winter sports)

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About This Tool

Norwegians enjoy leisure more than anyone else in the world. So it means they have more time to learn new sports and practice what they’re good at. Norwegians are especially fond of the outdoors. Ninety per cent of people claim to be more or less involved in an outdoor activity. Whether it’s football, cricket, speed skating, skiing, jogging or cycling, you often see Norwegians exercising.

The number of Norwegians involved in sports or track and field is very high, accounting for almost half of the country. Some players are not only good at one sport, maybe multi-sports at the same time. The random tool generates a list of 210 Norwegians who play Sports, from defenders to striker, midfielder, or coach and more.

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