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Random Singers Who Had Meltdowns on Stag

  • Thumb of Fiona Apple video

    (#6) Fiona Apple

    • Indie pop, Rock music, Piano rock, Experimental rock, Jazz fusion, Alternative rock, Jazz, Baroque pop
    While accepting her MTV VMA for Best New Artist in 1997, Fiona Apple didn't go the traditional "thank you" route. Instead, she took the opportunity to tell onlookers that "the world is bullshit." Her rant involved talking about eating disorders, the patriarchy, and wearing underwear in music videos—and did she mention that the world is bullshit?
  • Thumb of Ne-Yo video

    (#13) Ne-Yo

    • Hip hop music, Pop music, Contemporary R&B, Dance music, Rhythm and blues, Soul music
    In July 2009, Ne-Yo started crying during his Manchester concert. He told the audience he couldn't perform due to an illness, and left the stage saying, "Trust me when I say, I will be back."
  • Thumb of John Mayer video

    (#11) John Mayer

    • Blues, Pop, Rock
    John Mayer's mouth gets him into trouble sometimes—like the time he told Playboy magazine that his "d*ck was a white supremacist." He took the opportunity to apologize on stage during a show in Nashville, where he admitted he had a deep need to feel clever and witty, but realized he was just a creep. Mayer ended up in tears. 
  • Thumb of Jim Morrison video

    (#3) Jim Morrison

    • Blues-rock, Rock music, Acid rock, Rock and roll, Psychedelic rock, Hard rock
    Rocker Jim Morrison caused a stir in 1969 when he decided to strip down during a Miami performance. A fan apparently poured champagne on the singer, which prompted him to scream, "Let's get naked!" Which he did. And got arrested for. 
  • Thumb of ASAP Rocky video

    (#10) ASAP Rocky

    • Hip hop music
    2012's SXSW music festival brought out the worst in A$AP Rocky. When an audience member stole the rapper's do-rag, Rocky called him out on stage. The fan threw a beer at Rocky, which prompted him to leap into the crowd and start a full-on fistfight. 
  • Thumb of Kurt Cobain video

    (#5) Kurt Cobain

    • Grunge, Alternative rock, Punk rock
    During a 1993 concert in Brazil, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain got intimate with the video cameras taping the show. At 5:15 in the video above, he gets up-close-and-personal with a camera, spits into the lens, and even simulates masturbation into it. Pretty disturbing stuff.

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What causes the singer to collapse on stage? The unexpected emotions and moods of singers can control them, and let their professionalism disappeared on the stage, so many famous singers had meltdowns on stage. It is difficult to have a clear definition of professionalism in the music world, especially for musical artists who have drug abuse, conceit, or unstable mental state.

Do you know any of the worst behaviour on stage? The random tool generates 14 singers who had meltdowns on stage, such as Billie Joe Armstrong, Jim Morrison, etc. Maybe some of them are surely experiencing painful things. You could see more information about them here.

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