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  • Ferrari 458 Italia on Random Snazzy Cars Most Preferred by Celebrities

    (#9) Ferrari 458 Italia

    • Ferrari
    Put it this way: The 458 Spyder convertible replaced a car that Ferrari dubbed "The California." Seemingly designed for all that is good about the West Coast lifestyle, this car has actually found more of a home among beach-dwelling celebs on the other side of the continent. These little beauties are often seen darting around Miami, for a price of $240,000.
  • Ferrari F12berlinetta on Random Snazzy Cars Most Preferred by Celebrities

    (#13) Ferrari F12berlinetta

    • Ferrari
    Ferrari's front-engined V-12 coupe is kind of the middle child between the LaFerrari and 458 Italia. With style to rival the Aston Martin, the second most powerful Ferrari ever is a significantly pricier alternative at $300,000. 
  • Aston Martin Vanquish on Random Snazzy Cars Most Preferred by Celebrities

    (#7) Aston Martin Vanquish

    • Aston Martin
    Aston's been defining sexy-cool for a long time, and continues to do so with the Vanquish. What it lacks in practicality, the $150,000 to $200,000 Vanquish more than makes up for with sheer stunning beauty. 
  • Rolls-Royce Phantom on Random Snazzy Cars Most Preferred by Celebrities

    (#8) Rolls-Royce Phantom

    • Rolls-Royce
    Proving that the Golden Age of Hollywood excess will never truly die, Rolls' top-line Phantom remains a star in the City of Los Angeles. At $471,000 it's not cheap; but if any car in the world epitomized the status symbol more, you'd have a hard time finding it. 
  • Bentley Continental GT on Random Snazzy Cars Most Preferred by Celebrities

    (#6) Bentley Continental GT

    • Bentley
    Has any MC ever entered the music industry without the hope of one day owning a Bentley? The GT and its GTC cousins are two of the fastest and most luxurious cars the world has ever known, and perfect for letting the haters know you made it just fine. Pricing starts at $200,000 and can go up to $300,000 for top-end models. 
  • Porsche Cayenne on Random Snazzy Cars Most Preferred by Celebrities

    (#20) Porsche Cayenne

    • Volkswagen, Porsche
    Lots of Hollywood stars love Porsches, but the classic two-seater 911 doesn't leave much room for family or friends. This model starts at around $50,000 for a base model, but can go up to $150,000 for a good Cayenne S. 

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