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Random Street-Level Superhero Win In An All-Out Bare Knuckle Street Fight

  • Black Widow on Random Street-Level Superhero Win In An All-Out Bare Knuckle Street Fight

    (#7) Black Widow

    • S.H.I.E.L.D., Avengers, Marvel Universe

    Though she may be best known for appearing in the MCU thanks to Scarlett Johansson's portrayal, Natalia Romanova has been a part of the Marvel Universe since Tales of Suspense #54 from 1964. The movies have covered her character rather well - though, in the comics, she was an enemy of Iron Man prior to defecting to the United States.

    Romanova ended up with S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers, where she stands beside giants and puts many of them to shame with her remarkable skills. She's an expert assassin, markswoman, tactician, and one of the deadliest women in the Marvel Universe. She's gone up against the Hulk and many people much stronger than she is.

  • Nightwing on Random Street-Level Superhero Win In An All-Out Bare Knuckle Street Fight

    (#4) Nightwing

    • Batman, Batman: Under the Red Hood

    When he was a boy, Dick Grayson witnessed his parents' demise at the hands of a mobster. Taken in by Bruce Wayne, it wasn't long before the young man began his tutelage in the art of vigilante justice by the Dark Knight himself. Soon, the acrobat was soaring over rooftops as Robin, the Boy Wonder.

    Dick remained as Robin for years, but after a while, he left his mentor to join forces with the Teen Titans. He later attended college and dropped the Robin identity to become Nightwing. Nightwing possesses many of the fighting skills, tools, and gadgets as his mentor, Batman - though he is considered by most denizens of the DC Universe to be far more personable. He is a highly skilled athlete, acrobat, and martial artist.

  • Green Arrow on Random Street-Level Superhero Win In An All-Out Bare Knuckle Street Fight

    (#8) Green Arrow

    • Batman: The Brave and the Bold, DC Universe

    Oliver Queen began life as a reckless socialite, meant to inherit his father's fortune and take over Queen Industries. When a party cruise went terribly wrong, he washed up on the shore of a deserted island where he remained for two years. He survived by using his bow and arrow, and the ordeal helped train and mold him into the vigilante superhero who would become the Green Arrow.

    When he returned from the island, Ollie took to the streets to deliver his unique brand of justice. His skills with a bow and arrow are unmatched, but he's also an expert martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant. He uses high-tech equipment, which he often incorporates into specialty "trick" arrows, and is at peak human conditioning and athleticism, making him worthy of fighting alongside other more powerful members of the Justice League.

  • Shang-Chi on Random Street-Level Superhero Win In An All-Out Bare Knuckle Street Fight

    (#6) Shang-Chi

    • Marvel Universe

    Shang-Chi has been a character in the Marvel Universe since he first appeared back in 1973, and he's basically Marvel Comics' version of Bruce Lee. The son of Fu Manchu, Shang-Chi is a master of kung fu, specifically wushu styles, and is more than capable of taking down opponents with nunchaku and other martial arts weaponry.

    Shang-Chi is unparalleled in his mastery of martial arts, and while Danny Rand (Iron Fist) may think he is the preeminent martial arts master of the Marvel Universe, Shang-Chi might have something to say about that. He has mastered every form of martial arts he attempts, as well as gained mastery of his Chi.

  • Huntress on Random Street-Level Superhero Win In An All-Out Bare Knuckle Street Fight

    (#16) Huntress

    • Birds of Prey, DC Universe

    Helena Rosa Bertinelli started her life in one of Gotham City's most powerful Mafia families, but by her teens, she had become disenfranchised with the life after she witnessed the slaying of her parents by a rival mob. From that point, she was determined to get justice by going after all criminals as Huntress - one of the city's many vigilantes.

    Huntress first used deadly force to deal with her enemies, but over time, she learned to quiet her rage and handle things with a less lethal style of fighting. She is an expert at various forms of hand-to-hand combat, a highly skilled gymnast, and one of the best markswomen in the world.

  • Punisher on Random Street-Level Superhero Win In An All-Out Bare Knuckle Street Fight

    (#2) Punisher

    • Punisher: War Zone, The Punisher, Iron Man: Rise of Technovore, The Punisher, The Punisher: Dirty Laundry, Marvel Universe

    Frank Castle's world came to an end when his family became collateral damage in a dispute between two warring syndicates. Already a grizzled veteran, Castle donned the identity of the Punisher to seek vengeance against the underworld.

    Castle may seem like a nut, but he's intensely calculating and strategic with his actions. He is also an expert at numerous forms of combat and military weaponry, and can hit anything he aims at. You do not want to be on his bad side, seeing as he rarely restrains himself. Even if he leaves his weapons at home, he's formidable.

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The Superhero, the justice character in the fantasy genre, is a staple of American comics. A number of comic-book heroes have been brought to the big screen, mostly from two major companies, DC and Marvel Comics. They have special abilities beyond ordinary people, to do extraordinary feats and acts of bravery, to protect citizens, to fight evil. Usually, they have a fancy outfit that represents their personality and superpower. A female superhero is called a “Superheroine”. In general, superheroes aren’t just superheroes, they’re superheroes who use technology, magic, mythological gods, and martial artists, or at the top of their game.

This random generator tool collates 25 entries, taking stock of 25 classic Superhero Characters, including the familiar Batman, Bounisher, Daredevil, Nightwing, Moon Knight, Shang-Chi, etc. , which of these superheroes do you think would win a street fight?

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