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Random Subway Secret Menu Items

  • The Feast on Random Subway Secret Menu Items

    (#1) The Feast

    You can pretty much guarantee an eye roll from the Subway Sandwich Artists when you order this $9 sub that piles on all of their available deli meats, including turkey, ham, pepperoni, and salami.
  • The Old Cut on Random Subway Secret Menu Items

    (#6) The Old Cut

    Hey, it's your bread, you get to decide how it's handled. With "the old cut," the bread is not sliced but dug into like a trench. This distributes the cold cut and veggies better for maximum enjoyment.
  • The Big Philly Cheesesteak on Random Subway Secret Menu Items

    (#2) The Big Philly Cheesesteak

    The Big Philly Cheesesteak isn't officially on the menu, but the guys behind the counter know how to make it: three scoops of steak and double cheese. Throw in some peppers and onions if you're feeling fancy.
  • The Chicken Parmesan on Random Subway Secret Menu Items

    (#3) The Chicken Parmesan

    Subway got rid of the Chicken Parmesan sub back in 2010, but some Subway workers say they'll still make it for you if you ask. Just tell them to add roasted chicken breast to black pepper, marinara sauce, spinach, and a few olives. Then top it all with Parmesan cheese.
  • Pizza Sub on Random Subway Secret Menu Items

    (#4) Pizza Sub

    It's a puzzle why it's not on the regular menu, but the fan-favorite Pizza Sub consists of tomato sauce, salami/pepperoni and cheese on any choice of bread.
  • The Wing Effect on Random Subway Secret Menu Items

    (#7) The Wing Effect

    There's a name to your quirky ways! The Wing Effect satisfies the pre-nibbles with bologna hanging the sides of the sandwich instead of tucked in.

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About This Tool

Subway is an international fast food restaurant that originated in the United States and sells sandwiches and salads from Doctor’s Associates, Inc. . (Dai) hold, is the world’s fastest-growing and largest single-brand chain store. In 2007, it was the world’s third-largest fast-food restaurant after Yum (34,000 outlets) and McDonald's (31,000 outlets). By March 7, 2011, it had surpassed yum! Brands and McDonald's to become the world’s largest fast-food restaurant with 34,218 outlets.

There are many hidden menus in the Subway that you may never find. Today this random tool generates 7 items to help you find what you’re looking for faster when ordering, including the Feast, the Big Philly Cheesesteak, the Chicken Parmesan, Sub Pizza, and more.

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