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  • Tom Haverford on Random TV And Movie Characters Who Can't Afford Their Homes

    (#12) Tom Haverford

    • Parks and Recreation

    The Apartment:

    Tom always seems to have tastes far beyond his means. His Pawnee, IN, apartment is no exception. More than likely a one-bedroom unit, it's almost too hip with luxury decor and furnishings.

    The Income:

    Employed in a mid-level position for small-town government, Tom should not be able to afford his apartment or lifestyle. He probably makes between $20,000 and $30,000 a year. In Indianapolis, IN, a one-bedroom costs around $800 a month. While that major city is surely larger and more cosmopolitan than fictional Pawnee, it's easy to assume Tom would pay around that much for his very chic apartment.

  • Hannah Horvath on Random TV And Movie Characters Who Can't Afford Their Homes

    (#6) Hannah Horvath

    • Girls

    The Apartment:

    Hannah lives in a two-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn's trendy Greenpoint neighborhood. While the place isn't incredibly lavish, it's a palace by New York City standards. The living room is generous enough to fit sofas, chairs, and a television. The kitchen is well-equipped, and the bedrooms are of moderate size.

    The Income:

    A roommate (first Marnie, then Elijah) usually occupies the other bedroom in Hannah's apartment, but even with someone sharing the rent, the monthly expenses should put Hannah in the poorhouse – especially considering her erratic work history and the low-paying nature of many of her jobs. Seriously, she's a barista, public school teacher, and freelance writer. An average price for a similar apartment would be about $3,000 a month, meaning Hannah would have to make $60,000 a year to afford her half.

  • Danny Tanner on Random TV And Movie Characters Who Can't Afford Their Homes

    (#7) Danny Tanner

    • Full House

    The House:

    Danny Tanner houses his entire immediate family, some of his extended family, and a friend in an enormous home in San Francisco, CA. The space has three bedrooms upstairs, a huge finished basement and attic, and a small living room alcove that also serves as Joey's bedroom. Oh, and the kitchen is massive, and there is a yard big enough for Comet, the Tanners' pooch, to run and play.

    The Income:

    Even with all the adults living in the house and, presumably, contributing to the mortgage, it would still be expensive. A similar home in the same Western Addition neighborhood sold a few years ago for nearly $2.9 million, creating a $14,000 mortgage. Danny hosts a morning talk show, Jesse is a musician, and Joey is a stand-up comic. Plus, they're raising three kids who come with expenses of their own.

  • Monica Geller on Random TV And Movie Characters Who Can't Afford Their Homes

    (#1) Monica Geller

    • Friends

    The Apartment:

    Monica's massive apartment on Friends is gorgeous. There are high ceilings, exposed brick, floor-to-ceiling windows, a balcony, a large kitchen and dining area, and two sizable bedrooms. The apartment is especially impressive when compared to Joey and Chandler's place across the hall. It's much more modest but still too expensive for an often-unemployed actor and a mid-level finance guy.

    The Income:

    Apartments like Monica's are virtually impossible to find in the real New York City, NY. A super-conservative estimate prices a two-bedroom in her neighborhood at about $5,000. A more realistic price for an apartment that size is around $14,000 per month. Monica holds various chef positions, but a sous chef's salary in the Big Apple is only about $56,000 a year.

  • Carrie Bradshaw on Random TV And Movie Characters Who Can't Afford Their Homes

    (#2) Carrie Bradshaw

    • Sex and the City, The Carrie Diaries, Sex and the City 2, Sex and the Matrix, Sex and the City

    The Apartment:

    Carrie lives in a one-bedroom apartment on the Upper West Side. Chic and comfortable, the space also has ample closet space. Exterior shots show the building is a classic New York City brownstone.

    The Income:

    A columnist for The New York Star, Carrie presumably earns a median writer's salary of about $38,000 a year, while an Upper West Side one-bedroom costs about $3,000 a month. To be fair, Carrie mentions her unit is rent-controlled; she only pays $750 a month in rent. But figure in the cost of everything else – utilities, cable, cab rides, endless cosmos, and that famous designer wardrobe – and there's no way the main character can afford her life.

  • Mia Dolan From 'La La Land' on Random TV And Movie Characters Who Can't Afford Their Homes

    (#5) Mia Dolan From 'La La Land'

    The Apartment:

    La La Land is meant to be at least somewhat unrealistic; the characters are dreamers and everyone spontaneously bursts into song. But the poshness of Mia's apartment exceeds the bounds of believability. The place appears to be a refurbished Old Hollywood flat with multiple bedrooms. The unit is impeccably decorated in bold colors, expensive furnishings, and wall murals.

    The Income:

    For most of the movie, Mia is a barista and struggling actress. Roughly estimating, she takes home about $16,000 a year. The rent for a stylish four-bedroom unit in Los Angeles, CA, would be around $6,000, though. Split four ways, that's $1,500 each. And Mia only makes $1,333 a month.

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