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  • Max Black on Random TV And Movie Characters Who Can't Afford Their Homes

    (#3) Max Black

    • 2 Broke Girls

    The Apartment:

    Max and Caroline's Williamsburg apartment is meant to look cheap, but it's clearly not. It's huge by New York City standards, even though Caroline sleeps in the living room. The place is always in a state of disarray, but even the clutter is strangely unrealistic. And there's a yard, which is incredibly rare and fiscally impossible. 

    The Income:

    The girls are supposed to be broke; they waitress at a local diner. However, a one-bedroom Williamsburg apartment is around $3,500 a month. Waitresses living on tips would struggle to afford that sort of rate.

  • Kimmy Schmidt on Random TV And Movie Characters Who Can't Afford Their Homes

    (#10) Kimmy Schmidt

    • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

    The Apartment:

    Kimmy and Titus share a one-bedroom basement apartment in Brooklyn, NY. Titus has the bedroom, and the title character sleeps in a closet. In the unit, there's a small kitchen, living area, and bathroom. Landlady Lillian calls the unit a "garden-level maisonette."

    The Income:

    The space is small and a bit dank, but still, it would demand a small fortune in New York City. A one-bedroom in that neighborhood usually calls for around $3,200 a month. Neither of those characters are consistently employed, and when they are, they don't rake in the dough. At one point, Kimmy works as an Uber driver; a median salary for a NYC Uber driver is around $3,700 a month. Assuming she's covering the rent (because Titus's full-time job is being Titus), that doesn't leave much left over.

  • Dana Barrett on Random TV And Movie Characters Who Can't Afford Their Homes

    (#8) Dana Barrett

    • Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II, Ghostbusters III

    The Apartment:

    A penthouse unit on Central Park West, Dana's apartment is colossal, especially because she doesn't have roommates. There's a living room with views of the city, a large bedroom, and an absolutely massive kitchen.

    The Income:

    Dana is a symphony musician, so it's hard to imagine how she affords her spot, even in the 1980s. A one-bedroom in the same building sold for nearly $1.3 million in 2014. Symphony musician salaries can vary, ranging from a few thousand dollars a year to upwards of $150K. Still, though, if Dana wanted that apartment today, she'd have to be incredibly creative to make rent.

  • Mindy Lahiri on Random TV And Movie Characters Who Can't Afford Their Homes

    (#11) Mindy Lahiri

    • The Mindy Project

    The Apartment:

    Mindy's one-bedroom apartment is a New York City gem with ample space and a lush boudoir. Mindy's place is decorated in a trendy and modern style, but is also feels lived-in and homey.

    The Income:

    The title character is a doctor, so her income (which would be around $200K a year) is substantial. But it'd be a struggle to stretch a doctor's paycheck to cover Mindy's shopping habits and abode. Her apartment would cost around $2.5 million to purchase.

  • Tom Haverford on Random TV And Movie Characters Who Can't Afford Their Homes

    (#12) Tom Haverford

    • Parks and Recreation

    The Apartment:

    Tom always seems to have tastes far beyond his means. His Pawnee, IN, apartment is no exception. More than likely a one-bedroom unit, it's almost too hip with luxury decor and furnishings.

    The Income:

    Employed in a mid-level position for small-town government, Tom should not be able to afford his apartment or lifestyle. He probably makes between $20,000 and $30,000 a year. In Indianapolis, IN, a one-bedroom costs around $800 a month. While that major city is surely larger and more cosmopolitan than fictional Pawnee, it's easy to assume Tom would pay around that much for his very chic apartment.

  • Ted Mosby on Random TV And Movie Characters Who Can't Afford Their Homes

    (#9) Ted Mosby

    • How I Met Your Mother

    The Apartment:

    This New York City, NY, apartment is far beyond Ted's means. His unit is a two-bedroom with generous windows and a fireplace. Located on the Upper West Side, the flat also has exposed brick walls, a piano, and a separate workspace area.

    The Income:

    Ted is an architect, so it stands to reason he isn't bringing home chump change. Still, an apartment that size might be a financial burden. A similarly-sized Upper West Side apartment may cost about $3,500. With Ted's paycheck, which is probably around $4,900 a month, he would have to scrimp and save to afford the bare necessities.

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