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Random Weakest Characters In The MCU

  • Hank Pym on Random Weakest Characters In The MCU

    (#12) Hank Pym

    The man discovered and refined the Pym particle, allowing the Ant-Man suit to function in the first place, so you can't say he isn't a brilliant scientist. He's also a national hero, having served as the Ant-Man decades ago. He and his wife Janet - who was a shrinking superhero in her own right named the Wasp - saved the world from atomic conflict by disarming a soviet ICBM in 1987.

    In the modern day, however, Hank is just an old man with an amazing head of hair. Sure, he can still throw a decent punch, but he's also able to believably fake a heart attack as a means of causing a distraction, because he looks like someone who is in the reasonable heart attack age range. In fact, considering the toll that going giant in the Ant-Man suit takes on Scott Lang - who's at least two or three decades younger - if Hank were required to grow 50 feet tall, it would almost certainly end him. Ultimately, he's a smart, devoted scientist superhero who happens to be well past his prime.

  • Helmut Zemo on Random Weakest Characters In The MCU

    (#9) Helmut Zemo

    This Sokovian soldier turned underworld mastermind proves he is not to be trifled with when it comes to his plans for revenge. He orchestrates the discord that tears the Avengers apart in Captain America: Civil War, he activates the Winter Soldier after framing him for an attack, and he drives a nearly fatal wedge between Iron Man and Captain America that leads to them almost slaying each other and ruining their friendship.

    The express reason, however, for all of the mind games and subterfuge and lying is because Zemo knows, for a 100% fact, that he'd never be able to take on the Avengers himself, and is too weak to end them individually. So he relies on his brain instead of his brawn to decimate his enemies. If Helmut had tried to take on any of them one-on-one, they would have ripped him apart. He can't even end his own life because Black Panther overpowers him and forces him to face justice.

  • Howard Stark on Random Weakest Characters In The MCU

    (#10) Howard Stark

    • The Invincible Iron Man, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Captain America: The First Avenger, Marvel Universe

    Like his son Tony, Howard Stark is a groundbreaking scientific genius who would have undoubtedly been amazed by all that his son eventually creates and builds. He works on the super soldier serum that gives the world Captain America, he spends his life fighting Hydra, and he even lays the groundwork for his son to one day invent a brand new element. But Howard Stark is every bit the brazen playboy that his son is before Tony's post-kidnapping self-reinvention. 

    He is a businessman and an exec, and while he admittedly knows how to get his hands dirty if he needs to, he is just a dude in a well-tailored suit. It's his passing at the hands of the Winter Soldier that exemplifies his limitations as an ordinary man when it comes to fighting and the strength needed to take on increasingly powerful baddies. After a brainwashed Bucky Barnes causes his car to crash, Howard perishes after a few strong punches from the Winter Soldier's powerful metal arm. Sure, it's understandable why this ends him, but it's that same human vulnerability that makes him so outmatched from the start.

  • Darren Cross on Random Weakest Characters In The MCU

    (#5) Darren Cross

    As the Yellowjacket, Darren Cross proves to be a formidable adversary for Scott Lang as Ant-Man. His Yellowjacket suit has all the bells and whistles you could want, including laser-blasting robotic appendages and a much more threatening helmet. Their epic (albeit miniature) climactic battle is one of the most creative and thrilling fights in the entire MCU.

    That being said, before he dons the suit, Darren is just an incredibly smarmy, pompous scientist who throws tantrums over not being appreciated enough by his mentor, Hank Pym. After Hank, his daughter Hope Van Dyne, and Scott break into Cross's lab to take the Yellowjacket suit before Darren can sell it to Hydra, Hank surprises Darren with a solid punch to the face. If that isn't sad enough, Darren later flees from the exchange after being bitten by a few ants. That's just poor villian-ing.

  • The Mandarin on Random Weakest Characters In The MCU

    (#2) The Mandarin

    While he is known to the world as the Mandarin, a global villain of unequaled magnitude, it's eventually revealed that the international baddie is just a washed-up, substance-using actor named Trevor Slattery. He was hired by the evil think tank organization Advanced Idea Mechanics and the deranged scientist Aldrich Killian, who uses the Mandarin's supposed attacks to further his goals and cover up accidents resulting from his various Extremis program mishaps.

    While the Mandarin has built a fearsome reputation through menacing propaganda videos, his true, drunken, oblivious persona is revealed by Tony Stark. Instead of the psychotic villain Tony expected to find, Trevor turns out to be a scared, idiotic actor desperate for work who has no idea that he is a very public pawn in a vast conspiracy.

  • Justin Hammer Expo Attendee on Random Weakest Characters In The MCU

    (#1) Justin Hammer Expo Attendee

    • Iron Man 2

    Justin Hammer is supposed to be a parallel to Tony Stark - he's a wealthy, megalomaniacal arms dealer and tech CEO who builds Iron Man-like battle armor. However, he's more like a poor man's Tony Stark instead of a mirror image. While Tony is egotistical yet brilliant, Justin is just a self-obsessed buffoon more interested in money and self-promotion than helping the world or even producing a competent product.

    There's one telling scene in Iron Man 2, when Justin has Ivan Vanko sitting in a room under armed guard, and the well-dressed businessman is doing his best to threaten the Russian lunatic. Justin tells Vanko that he's "a dead man" if Vanko doesn't do what he wants. He's putting on his toughest tough guy act and it would be physically impossible for Vanko to be less concerned or intimidated. While he has an undeniable flair for salesmanship - which he displays while selling arms to Lt. Col. James Rhodes - he's just a weaselly jerk in a grey three-piece suit.

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