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Random Wealthy People Who Are Basically Supervillains

  • Stephen A. Schwarzman on Random Wealthy People Who Are Basically Supervillains

    (#6) Stephen A. Schwarzman

    • 72

    The Blackstone Group’s co-founder Stephen Schwarzman loves throwing lavish parties. For example, there was the 60th birthday party he threw for himself in 2007, which reportedly cost more than $3 million. He threw himself another in 2017 that apparently had live camels.

    In 2010, he grabbed headlines when he reportedly stated that raising taxes on private equity firms was akin to Hitler’s invasion of Poland. Is it, though?

    Superpower: Has a marching band at the ready at all times. 

  • Silvio Berlusconi on Random Wealthy People Who Are Basically Supervillains

    (#7) Silvio Berlusconi

    • 82

    Italian former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is a media tycoon whose personal life and political dealings have dominated headlines for years. With his numerous sex scandals and notorious “bunga bunga” parties, he normalized and perpetuated misogyny and abuse.

    When confronted with accusations that he’d paid for sex with an underage Moroccan prostitute, he replied, "It's better to be passionate about a beautiful girl than a gay."

    Superpower: Possible ties to the mafia.

  • The Walton Family on Random Wealthy People Who Are Basically Supervillains

    (#8) The Walton Family

    The Walton family is like the Fantastic Four, only they don't have superpowers and instead rely on simply having more money than literally anyone else. Also, there's seven of them. But wealth alone does not make anyone a supervillain.

    What might do the trick: making billions in profits every year while refusing to pay workers a living wage.

    Superpower: Everyday low prices.

  • Richard Branson on Random Wealthy People Who Are Basically Supervillains

    (#23) Richard Branson

    • 68

    Richard Branson is trying to travel to space. That sounds cool, but after a test pilot died, he insisted it was "worth the risks" - and later cited consumer demand for one reason he's so dedicated. What if he's just trying to set up a secret moon base for his wealthy, possibly-also-supervillain friends? You didn't think about that, did you?

    Superpower: No powers, but he might have a secret base on the moon.

  • Jay Z & Beyonce on Random Wealthy People Who Are Basically Supervillains

    (#19) Jay Z & Beyonce

    Are they simply a couple of kids who made it big and want to share their love with their fans? Or are they Illuminati-controlled puppets who will one day rise up to rule us all from their crystal palace in the sky?

    Superpower: Hooks so catchy they're basically mind control.

  • Steve Wynn on Random Wealthy People Who Are Basically Supervillains

    (#9) Steve Wynn

    • 77

    "Nobody likes being around poor people, especially poor people." These words, spoken during a 2016 press call by luxury hotel magnate Steve Wynn - who is known for his upscale accommodations in cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City - seem to represent a theme in this list. His spokesman tried to walk back the controversial words, but they didn't sit well with many.

    Even worse, Wynn resigned in early 2018 after being accused of decades of sexual misconduct. Although Wynn Resorts claimed it would not offer a severance package, Wynn reportedly retained $2.6 billion in shares.

    Superpower: Pyrotechnics - he did build the Mirage, after all.

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