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  • Phyllis's Wedding on Random Worst Episodes Of 'The Office'

    (#11) Phyllis's Wedding

    • February 08, 2007

    The Office is known for it's cringeworthy moments, but "Phyllis' Wedding" is next level. Phyllis allows Michael to be in her wedding, pushing her dad's wheelchair down the aisle, so that she can get more time off for her honeymoon. However, in typical Michael fashion, he tries to insert himself into every part of the wedding, from posing in photos with the bridal party to giving brutally awkward speeches. The saving grace of this episode is the tantrum Michael throws walking down the aisle. Michael is furious after Phyllis' dad surprises everyone, by stepping out of his wheelchair, and walking down the aisle himself. Michael, however, feels her dad has stolen his moment, so he angrily drags the wheelchair down the aisle while everyone watches in uncomfortable silence.

    Most uncomfortable moment: When Michael goes to speak with Phyllis before her wedding, and accuses her of "breaking wind," later pausing his speech to say, "That is pungent." 

  • Thumb of The Carpet video

    (#10) The Carpet

    • January 26, 2006

    This episode revolves around something disgusting and foul-smelling on the carpet in Michael's office. With his office out of commission, Michael takes Jim's desk, so he's forced to go into the annex with Kelly, who can't stop talking about Ryan. Consequently, "The Carpet" doesn't have any great Jim-Pam banter. The way the characters are separated in this episode results in a lack of the awkward yet affable charm most episodes of The Office have. 

    Most uncomfortable moment: The faces Jim makes as he's being cornered by Kelly, who wants him to ask out Ryan for her.

  • Thumb of The Meeting video

    (#12) The Meeting

    • September 24, 2009

    "The Meeting" is not a good look for most of the cast of The Office. Jim goes behind Michael's back to try to get a promotion, which results in Michael defensively lying about Jim's performance to throw him under the bus. The back and forth continues until it's revealed that David Wallace (Andy Buckley) wants to make Michael and Jim co-managers, which makes very little sense (and is later rectified once Jo Bennett, played by Kathy Bates, becomes the CEO). The other storyline revolves around Toby and Dwight mistaking Darryl's sister for him. It's not a standout episode. 

    Most uncomfortable moment: When Darryl and his sister look like they're going to beat Dwight up for saying she looks like a man.  

  • Thumb of The Banker video

    (#2) The Banker

    • January 21, 2010

    "The Banker" is one of the most skippable episodes of The Office, as it is a glorified clip show. The plot focuses on a banker's visit to Scranton in order to check on discrepancies at Dunder Mifflin. Dwight tries to impersonate Toby, but he ultimately returns to answer the banker's questions about conflicts, romances, and prejudices among the staff. Unless you were looking for a series refresher, this one is pretty easy to skip over. 

    Most uncomfortable moment: Toby's talking head about how he doesn't know what to say to the banker, because he doesn't want to lie... or tell the truth.

  • Angry Andy on Random Worst Episodes Of 'The Office'

    (#5) Angry Andy

    • April 19, 2012

    Back in season three, when Andy lost his temper at the office, he was sent away to complete anger management. He ended up missing four episodes in the process. Season eight's "Angry Andy," finds the title character getting fired after having a dramatic temper tantrum, proving that violent outbursts aren't the best way to get laughs on a sitcom. So, what made Andy so angry? Nellie stole Andy's job, docked his pay, and publicly made derogatory innuendos about his sex life. Andy goes on to throw a chair at Robert (James Spader) and punch a wall, none of which leads to any laughs. Elsewhere, Kelly finds herself in a love triangle, and Jim and Pam are touched by Ryan's poetry.

    Most uncomfortable moment: Andy punching a wall for the second time in the series. 

  • Thumb of Moroccan Christmas video

    (#13) Moroccan Christmas

    • December 11, 2008

    The Office has amazing Christmas episodes, so it's easy to filter out the one that isn't up to par. That would be "Moroccan Christmas." Phyllis' first Christmas party as the head of the Party Planning Committee quickly devolves into a full-blown intervention for Meredith's drinking. The episode is as ridiculous as ever, but without the levity they usually have, since Meredith clearly does have a real problem. 

    Most uncomfortable moment: When Michael drags Meredith, a grown woman, into the rehab clinic, screaming like a child. 

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