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  • Chinga on Random Worst 'X-Files' Episodes

    (#9) Chinga

    • February 8, 1998

    Synopsis: Rumors of sorcery and witchcraft surround a small fishing town. A strange murder occurs at the local supermarket, and Scully ends up finding a little girl with a cursed doll that may hold vital clues into the killing. 

    Why it falls short: "Chinga" feels like it was a disjointed idea they tried to put together into a cohesive episode. Another problem is that the idea of a haunted doll was already pretty played out by the '90s. It's not scary. It's not funny. It's definitely not scary. In fact, it's not really anything. Stephen King actually co-wrote this episode (along with Chris Carter), which is surprising. Zack Handlen from The A.V. Club summed it up perfectly when we said, "[it] seems like one of those ideas that sounds really, really great until someone thinks about for more than a minute."

  • Alpha on Random Worst 'X-Files' Episodes

    (#10) Alpha

    • March 28, 1999

    Synopsis: Several killings occur in a town that are blamed on the Wanshang Dhole, an Asian dog that was thought to be extinct. Mulder and Scully team up with the sheriff, who also happens to be a canine expert and eccentric hunter. 

    Why it falls short: A big shift occurred in the show when the series moved to Los Angeles. Many of the episodes became more lighthearted, including "Alpha." The episode basically utilizes puns nonstop, and the friction caused when Karin Berquist develops a crush on Mulder is eye-rolling at best. Sure, parts of this episode were fun — scary even — but whatever interesting and macabre thematic elements that were present were instantly washed away with the ending.

  • Ghost in the Machine on Random Worst 'X-Files' Episodes

    (#12) Ghost in the Machine

    • October 29, 1993

    Synopsis: A computer develops advanced artificial intelligence. It proceeds to kill anything that endangers its own existence when it's designated too inefficient to keep controlling the machinations of an office building. 

    Why it falls short: Killer machines is well-worn territory for science-fiction. Unfortunately, this episode doesn't really do anything interesting with that concept. It recycles ideas from better sci-fi projects, most notably 2001: A Space Odyssey, and cranks out this forgettable episode from the first season. You'd think a show as original as The X-Files would be able to come up with a better theme instead of recycling the plot of The Terminator, which is why this one's so forgettable. 

  • Fearful Symmetry on Random Worst 'X-Files' Episodes

    (#11) Fearful Symmetry

    • February 24, 1995

    Synopsis: An escaped elephant is linked to the death of a construction worker. It's also wreaking havoc of various properties. However, witnesses say no animals have been seen. Mulder and Scully investigate the local zoo and find that the zoo's claim to fame is that a successful animal birth has never occurred there. 

    Why it falls short: Most fans remember this as the "invisible elephant and tiger" episode. The episode tries to make a point about animal rights, but everything else is so silly that it ends up losing its impact. The episode does earn some points for using real animals, so at least you don't have to deal with witnessing bad animal CGI from the '90s. 

  • 3 on Random Worst 'X-Files' Episodes

    (#8) 3

    • November 4, 1994

    Synopsis: Scully is still missing, so Mulder begins an investigation into vampires in Los Angeles. Throughout his journey, he becomes involved with a female vampire who wants to escape her lifestyle. 

    Why it falls short: Scully's completely gone from this episode, which makes it suffer significantly. Additionally, it tries to go for an erotic thriller vibe and just falls short. "3" is a good example of one reason the show worked so well was due to the chemistry between Mulder and Scully. With half of that missing, the show feels, well, half empty. 

  • Schizogeny on Random Worst 'X-Files' Episodes

    (#5) Schizogeny

    • January 11, 1998

    Synopsis: A maniacal therapist is implanting his patients with her own abusive memories. Meanwhile, a teenager named and patient named Bobby Rich becomes a suspect in his father's murder. However, Mulder and Scully believe a greater evil may be responsible.

    Why it falls short: "Schizogeny" had a lot of potential due to the creepy atmosphere it creates with the bloody trees. Unfortunately, the story falls a bit short; it feels like they filmed a bad spec script for the series, which really could have gone through a few more drafts. In the end, you realize the therapist has the ability to control trees, which is only slightly cool until you start to think about it a bit more.

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