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Random X-Files Storylines That Were Based on Real Life Stories

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    (#13) "Space" (Season One, Episode 9)

    Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon where people perceive familiar sounds and shapes in random patterns (like this!). In 2001, NASA released the now-infamous pictures that captured a supposed "Face on Mars." 

    The photos and their associated mystery inspired The X-Files creator Chris Carter write the episode "Space," with references to both the face and the condition of the unknown planet.
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    (#5) "Shapes" (Season One, Episode 19) 

    The murder mystery of a Native American man spirals into a case about shape-shifting beasts that appear every eight years, and leave nothing but a trace of human remains and mysterious track prints in the snow. All of these ideas were borrowed from the Native American myths of the Wendigo, and "fleshed out" in the episode "Shapes."
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    (#1) "Humbug" (Season Two, Episode 20)

    Many decades ago, freak shows were common across the United States as part of traveling carnivals and circuses. One show in particular, called "The Jim Rose Circus," stood out amongst the rest. The episode "Humbug" was inspired by a VHS tape of The Jim Rose Circus. In fact, you can watch some of the freak show members act as characters in the episode, which follows the life of a traveling carnival.
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    (#7) "Irresistible" (Season Two, Episode 13)

    Serial killer and necrophiliac Jeffrey Dahmer claimed that during his murders, he actually shape-shifted into a demonic being.Though there is hardly any credible sourcing to back up Dahmer's statement, it is certainly curious to those who hear the tale. The Dahmer case inspired the episode "Irresistible."
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    (#14) "Tunguska" (Season 4, Episode 9)

    Soviet Gulags and asteroids collide in this episode based on a whole bunch of real life occurrences. On December 27, 1984, a team of American scientists found a meteorite they thought might contain alien life. It didn't, but the Allen Hills 84001 meteorite - mixed with stories of isolation, imprisonment, and experimentation in Soviet Gulags - was the basis for the episode "Tunguska," which is a direct reference to a bizarre meteor event in Russia in 1908.
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    (#6) "Home" (Season Four, Episode 2)

    The episode "Home" is based on the true story of the Ward Family, made up of four illiterate brothers who lived under one roof outside Syracuse, NY. When one of them was found dead, a murder investigation opened by the police found disturbing facts about how the boys lived, and how one of them died. This story, along with a tale told by Charlie Chaplin in his autobiography, formed the basis for this spine-chilling episode.

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"X-Files" is a suspenseful drama released on FOX, every suspense enthusiast should not miss this TV series. The drama tells the exploration of the truth hidden in the X files. During the investigation, people experienced many unusual things that could not be explained by science or logic. X files is a department of the FBI, the cases they deal with are always related to supernatural phenomena and unusual crimes.

Every case in X-Files is too bizarre. These storylines usually involve supernatural creatures, mythological monsters, and aliens, etc. The random tool introduced 23 creepy storylines that were related to stories in real life.

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