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Random Address In Italyreport

Random address in Italy

  • Street:  Via Longhena 111

    City:  Fregene

    State/province/area:   Roma

    Phone number:  0395 8614336

    Zip code:  00050

    Country calling code:  +39

    Country:  Italy
  • Street:  Via dei Fiorentini 117

    City:  Pompei

    State/province/area:   Napoli

    Phone number:  0317 0797755

    Zip code:  80045

    Country calling code:  +39

    Country:  Italy
  • Street:  Via Spalato 42

    City:  Pino Lago Maggiore

    State/province/area:   Varese

    Phone number:  0378 2739488

    Zip code:  21010

    Country calling code:  +39

    Country:  Italy
  • Street:  Via Nizza 64

    City:  Vidor

    State/province/area:   Treviso

    Phone number:  0385 2067848

    Zip code:  31020

    Country calling code:  +39

    Country:  Italy
  • Street:  Via del Viminale 63

    City:  Las Plassas

    State/province/area:   Cagliari

    Phone number:  0359 4581634

    Zip code:  09020

    Country calling code:  +39

    Country:  Italy
  • Street:  Via Nicola Mignogna 103

    City:  Casalgiate

    State/province/area:   Novara

    Phone number:  0325 3556685

    Zip code:  28100

    Country calling code:  +39

    Country:  Italy
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Sometimes, we need a random address from the country we never been to, just for checking the address format or getting address information to register some sites. we have provide addresses from 128 countries and region.

Now this page show 6 addresses from Italy, all these addresses follow the correct address format, it usually includes street, city, state(some countries called province or oblast), phone number, zipcode(if have) and country calling code. Some countries with relatively small land areas such as Singapore do not have provincial or state administrative areas, while others are not divided by state/province, but towns and counties, but most countries follow the ”streets, City, state" hierarchical format.

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