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  •  Charles dickens had bookbinders print up a number of fake books for his library. titles included drowsy’s recollections of nothing (3 volumes), hansard’s guide to refreshing sleep (as many volumes as possible), and bowwowdom: a poem.[awkward]

  •  There are over 1,000 adaptations of shakespeare’s works.[awkward]

  •  New york city’s oldest house is a cottage in queens near laguardia airport. it was built in 1654 by the rikers family (the same family that gave rikers island its name) and even has a family cemetery in the backyard.[awkward]

  •  Parents have started naming their children after instagram filters. the most popular filter name was lux, but there were even a few kelvins.[awkward]

  •  In the 19th century, it was considered cruel and unusual punishment to serve lobster to prisoners, as lobsters were basically the 1800s equivalent of rats.[awkward]

  •  There’s music made especially for cats. apparently cats develop their musical taste soon after they’re born, so cat music includes not only traditional (human-made) instruments, but also feeding noises, bird chirps and purring noises.[awkward]

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