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  •  The Catholic version of the Old Testament differs from the Protestant one in that the Catholic edition has seven more books than the Protestant Bible. These “extra” books were removed during the Protestant reformation by Martin Luther—the Catholic Church did not add them as is commonly believed.[Catholicism]

  •  Some Siamese cats appear cross-eyed because the nerves from the left side of the brain go to mostly the right eye and the nerves from the right side of the brain go mostly to the left eye. This causes some double vision, which the cat tries to correct by “crossing” its eyes.[cat]

  •  Rome has more homeless cats per square mile than any other city in the world.[cat]

  •  The Catholic Church’s Vatican has diplomatic relations with almost every country in the world.[Catholicism]

  •  A cat lover is called an Ailurophilia (Greek: cat+lover).[cat]

  •  Catholics believe that anyone can baptize in an emergency situation (such as a car wreck). Any person, Catholic or not, can pour the water and say the words. The only requirement is to follow the wishes of the person you are baptizing.[Catholicism]

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