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  • 应付[yìngfù]

    Meaning: hack, cope_with, treat, stand, bridge_over, come_on, do sth. perfunctorily, cope with, handle, cope, do ... perfunctorily, deal/cope with, cut, make do, deal, deal with, respond

  • 成熟[chéngshú]

    Meaning: ripe,mature

  • 何必[hébì]

    Meaning: why must...?, there is no need

  • 则[zé]

    Meaning: then,in that case

  • 肉体[ròutǐ]

    Meaning: soma, physical structure, body, corporality, the body, fleshly, clay, flesh and blood, flesh, somatic, the human body, organic structure, clod

  • 生命力[shēngmìnglì]

    Meaning: breath, animation, libido, lifeblood, Shakti, vitality, life-force, vital_force, vital force, life principle, juice, vital principle

  • 采[cǎi]

    Meaning: pick,gather

  • 仅[jǐn]

    Meaning: scantily,simply,alone,merely,barely,only,but,just

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