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  •  Murphy beds have been attributed as the cause of people’s deaths before. most recently in 2005 when two women were trapped and suffocated to the death by their murphy bed.[crazy]

  •  In Arizona, oral sex is considered sodomy.[Crazy Laws]

  •  Colorado law states that a man cannot marry his wife’s grandmother.[Crazy Laws]

  •  Australia has over 10,000 beaches. you could visit a new beach everyday for over 27 years![crazy]

  •  Due to the humid and moist conditions that a sloth lives in, moss and other similar plants will sometimes grow in its hair. sloths also have very bad eyesight. these two factors can sometimes culminate in a sloth grabbing its own arm, whilst thinking it is a branch, and falling to its death![crazy]

  •  The least financially successful harry potter film made approximately $90 million more than the most successful twilight movie.[crazy]

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