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Random Creepiest Things Fishermen Described They've Seen at Sea

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    Crew mate spots something ominous amid unusually large swells

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    "I have family who sailed around the world. One day in the North Atlantic, their sailboat was going over some GIGANTIC swells. They didn't have breaks at the top, so it was safe, but the boat was rising and falling way beyond the neutral.
    At the bottom of a trough my uncle looked up to see the sun behind a wave and the silhouette of a whale inside, above him."

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    Experienced seaman describes horrifyingly close meteorites

    [ranking: 14]
    "The thing I have seen a few times that really creeped me out were whilst on watch at night. And on several occasions witnessed meteorites similar if not bigger to the ones caught on dash cams in Russia. Also seemingly close to the ship. Even audible to the human ear if outside on the bridge wings.
    Spectacular sights but also kinda terrifying."

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    Unusual jellyfish completely surround boat in freak thunderstorm

    [ranking: 12]
    "I was sailing by the coast of Okinawa, when a thunder storm started up in the middle of the night. Strangely, the ocean was completely still and the weather was giving us a wonderful light show. Lightning would strike the water and light up everything around us. Suddenly, lighting struck near our boat and we saw the most incredible sight. Jellyfish. Jellyfish everywhere. There's were not the usual jellyfish that you see around the US, these things were HUGE. The lightning would strike the water, and the jellyfish would light up.
    The ocean literally looked like it glowed purple and red that night."

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    Ocean becomes inexplicably, terminally calm in the middle of the Pacific

    [ranking: 13]
    On the Pacific side of South America - I believe we were off the coast of Peru or Chile, I can't quite remember - I was working night shift, so I was out on the flight deck to watch the sun come up.
    Strangest damn thing I've ever seen. The ocean was dead calm, like a lake. Seriously, no ripples, no waves, just dead calm. Like you found a small pond up in the mountains that was completely undisturbed. The moon was bright in the sky, but there was still a lot of light from it. The moon made it feel all the more eerie. And besides the noise from the ship, it was completely silent. One of the weirdest experiences I've ever felt.

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    Aircraft carrier crew sees object flying at impossible speeds on radar

    [ranking: 6]
    "I was on an aircraft carrier. No flight operations, I was the junior guy that had to sit around and watch the radar/ CNN/ basic instinct on continuous loop...
    I noticed a blip which was no big deal. Either commercial or a French carrier (Foch?) had something go on, however, the next blip showed it had traveled quite a distance. At seven seconds per sweep, it was running over 2,000 MPH. My first thought was that it was an SR-71 type badass but my radar was for ATC, that thing would have to be pretty low for me to see it (50,000 feet, tops). The next return verified the speed. It was the fourth turn that qualifies as "creepy." The aircraft had turned 90 degrees. It was headed south, then it turned east. We had planes that could run that fast, but nothing that could turn that fast (that I'm aware of, in the early 90s). Another sweep and it was gone.
    buddy of mine in the CDC (combat direction center) saw the same thing. Both of us were pretty excited about it. Reported it up and they blew it off.
    So, I don't know about cow mutilation or alien abductions, things like that, but I was (am) absolutely convinced I saw a UFO."

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    Huge submarine appears seemingly from nowhere

    [ranking: 8]
    "This was maybe 10 years ago, and I was sailing with my family, moving a sailboat from the Connecticut shore to Boston, and this happened on an extremely foggy day. I also remember the day being pretty windless as well so we were just motoring along instead of sailing. 
    Now, the general procedure for sailing in such thick fog is to use radar and foghorns to try to prevent any collisions from happening. At some point we started hearing huge, loud horn blasts, just repeating from somewhere to our right in the fog. It seemed normal enough, someone signalling their position to anyone in the vicinity, then after maybe 15-20 minutes of sailing and listening to these horn blasts, we eventually came upon what was making them. Maybe 100 feet from our boat, a huge ass submarine appeared, and looked like it's just sitting still. The weird thing was the suddenness of it's appearance. 
    An enormous black shape appearing out of the fog at sea was pretty creepy to me at the time."


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