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Random Creepiest Things People Described Their Furbies Have Ever Done

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    This Furby Just Wanted To Party

    [ranking: 17]
    From Redditor /u/go_boy:  
    "We skinned one at a party at my house in 1999. It continued to talk and sing the whole time. At the end my roomie held it aloft to show everyone who hadn't been able to see. It said, "Hey, party!" and then stopped moving and never moved again.  
    Poor guy just wanted to party with us." 

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    This Furby Gives The Doll Annabelle A Run For Her Money

    [ranking: 8]
    From Redditor /u/Pedeka:  
    "I got one for my homebound aunt the year they came out. She passed away and it came back home to me as a memento. It will not stay put away or without batteries for more than a month or so. It refuses to be ignored, like a creature from an episode of the Twilight Zone. Somehow, it talks people in my life into finding it in boxes, closets, basements, storage lockers...etc. Thanks to my 5 yr old and the dog it is currently laying in a corner of my living room jibbering as I type this. In the future I will be living in a padded room, with a piece of filthy fake fur repeatedly telling me that I am boring, as my only company." 

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    A Furby Never Dies. They Just Bide Their Time

    [ranking: 3]
    From Redditor /u/land_elk: 
    "I had a Furby that I loved for a few months, then I turned her off and set her up in my closet. I didn't want to give her away. She sat there, in view, with her eyes closed... for probably 4 years. 
    One day I open my closet door - her eyes are open. She blinked at me. Then I got rid of her." 

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    Death Isn't Always The End For Furbies

    [ranking: 14]
    From Redditor /u/patticakes86:
    "My sister and I both received them for christmas though we didn't ask for them. A few weeks later we were playing barbies in our room when the 2 furbies started talking for no reason at all with their creepy voices. From that moment, we knew they were evil or at least possessed by tiny demons so we decided to throw them away.
    We did. They showed up the next morning on our dresser that was right next to our beds. Scared us even more. So we decided to destroy them: with heat.
    My mom had a showtime rotisserie oven she bought off tv. We put our furbies in it and tried to roast them. She saw it, took them out and placed them on top. She forgot to turn off the rotisserie and the lower half of them melted into this nasty plastic fur and wire mound of toy.
    My dad came home from work that day and after getting pissed at us, went to the garage and scraped them off with a paint scraper. He put them back in our room on our dresser and told us we better not throw them away. My sister and I still have melted furbies in our old room on the shelf of our closet."

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    When Your Furby Needs An Exorcism

    [ranking: 12]
    From Redditor /u/jaszygasm:  
    "I had one as a kid. Got tired of it after a few weeks after playing with it A LOT and put it away on the top shelf of my closet. A few MONTHS later I was laying in bed after playing too much Super Mario and trying to fall asleep when I heard the most horrible terrifying sound of my life. That f*cking thing was asking me to feed it or tickle it or something but it sounded like a demon (I guess the batteries were not doing so well, I personally figured they would be dead after so long). Once I realized what was going on I took it off the shelf and ripped the back open and disposed of the batteries I thought were dead. 
    One of my scariest childhood memories." 

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    Invalid Furbies Are Taken To A " farm""="

    [ranking: 7]
    From Redditor /u/Doedeer:
    "When the Furby craze hit, I asked my dad for one because my birthday was coming up. Got it, loved it. About a year or two after, I was playing with it and it fell from my hand to the ground mid sentence. The furby just kept repeating half a word, but within a minute, the sound started warping, it sounded really creepy, and it wouldn't stop despite my efforts. So... I shoved it in my dresser to deafen the noise. A week later, I go to check up on the Furby and its gone.
    No idea what happened."


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If you had a Furby growing up, you probably have a few frightening Furby tales. With their cries at midnight to be fed and gibberish language, these initially-cute-but-later-terrifying beasts went from one of the hottest toys of the 1998 holiday season to a rumored government spying contraption rather quickly. Even if you shoved your Furby in the closet to make it go to sleep, they would still to squeak out "FEED ME," in the dead of the night. Compared to the cool toys that exist today, Furbies could be viewed as straight up torture devices.

Redditors have taken to the internet to share their creepy Furby stories, so we all know we're not alone in our warranted fear of these things. If you've ever wanted to know the creepiest things Furbies have done, then look no further. Check out the terrifying Furbies stories below.  

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