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Random Creepiest True Stories People Lived Through

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    Man hears footsteps in vacant apartment; police find stranger with knife inside

    [ranking: 4]
    "I lived in an apartment a few years ago. Four units upstairs, four units downstairs. I lived upstairs, and the apartment below me was vacant. I kept hearing footsteps through the apartment, and I knew I shouldn't have. Nobody was downstairs. I asked someone to come over and listen, just to see if I was crazy. Maybe I'm just hearing other apartments since it's empty downstairs, and everything is echoing.
    Wrong. I kept hearing the footsteps. This went on for a solid hour. Finally I called the landlord and the police. Apparently someone had broken in through the windows downstairs, and was walking back and forth through the apartment with a knife. F*cking horrifying."

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    Child's night terrors are triggered by live bat stuck in his duvet cover

    [ranking: 15]
    "I grew up in a forestry cottage miles away from any town, we often got toads and birds and other woodland creatures in the house out of the blue. I was seven at the time and suffered from night terrors. My parents often found me about the house at night speaking nonsense or screaming, must have freaked them out to no end. For a few nights I had been shouting at my parents, convinced there was something in my bed, I couldn't sleep because of it but obviously my parents put it down to nightmares. I kept saying something was shaking in my bed and scratching me, they took all my blankets and toys out to show me there was nothing there but I was still convinced. I was an odd child so people often thought I was making things up. Turns out a bat had gotten into the duvet cover, I opened it up one night and this thing flew out, parents ran in and turned the light on to find this bat dinging around the room. Sometimes I'm still woken up by the feeling that there's a bat in my blanket."

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    Rat chews on boy's face while he sleeps

    [ranking: 12]
    "Woke up to a rat eating my cousins eyebrows, while sharing a a bed."

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    Deceased aunt makes an appearance months later

    [ranking: 16]
    "My great aunt died in August, 2012. Six months later (February 2013) my cousin was playing in a hockey tournament. He was extremely close to our aunt and was pretty devastated by the loss. His team was never that good; however, in this particular tournament they were doing really well... so well that they made it to the finals. They lost, but that's where fate comes into play. All of the runner-up trophies were wrapped in newspaper. My cousin pulled a trophy out of the box and the single piece of paper wrapped around it was my aunt's obituary from six months earlier."

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    Man swerves car to avoid hitting bear, crashes into tree where another bear awaits him

    [ranking: 14]
    "It was winter break, freshman year of college. I drove up to visit one of my friends in northwestern Pennsylvania for New Years. I needed to be back home the next day for work, so I decided to drive back at like 2 AM. I was driving down Interstate 79, and I maybe saw two cars in a 60-mile span. I came up around a bend and saw what looked like a black bear in my lane and I swerved and went off the road and crashed into the tree line next to the highway. I was in the middle of nowhere and the bear just booked it into woods. My car was f*cking totaled and I knew I wasn't gonna see any cars for hours to help me out. I called 9-1-1 and they said they would come in like 20 minutes. I got out of the car and stood up on the shoulder of the highway and waited. After about five minutes I heard some rustling in the bushes and there it was, the f*cking bear. Turns out when I went off the road I hit a cub and mama bear was p*ssed as all hell. I booked it over to the back of the car and hopped in the trunk. Thank god I had a big Ford Expedition so the bear couldn't f*ck with it too much. For another half an hour the bear tried ramming the car and was trying to get at me in a frenzy. The police showed up and the sirens scared mama bear off into the woods again. It was the most terrifying experience of my life."

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    Man becomes someone else for a day

    [ranking: 11]
    "A few days ago, my iPhone would not accept my fingerprint for touch ID... any of my fingerprints.
    My dog stayed on the other side of the apartment from me, and wouldn't take any treats from me. I trained him not to take treats from anyone except me, to avoid poisoning or illness. But he wouldn't even take his favorite treats from me or cuddle with me. When I went to hug him, he hid in his kennel.
    My PIN didn't work for my debit card, so I wound up running it as credit. I use the same PIN for everything. 
    The only websites I could get into were Reddit, Gmail, and Amazon - pages where my password is stored. Any website where I had to enter username and password, it came back as incorrect. Thank God there's no password to wake my computer up, or I wouldn't have been able to do any work that day.
    The next day, everything was back to normal."


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