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Random Creepiest True Stories People Lived Through

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    Insomnia saves man from home invasion

    [ranking: 7]
    "Occasionally I get mild bouts of insomnia but nothing serious, usually just a delay in my bedtime of an extra two or three hours. One night I suddenly just can not sleep. Nothing will get me to relax and I eventually give up and just sit in the front room playing Heavy Rain all night as it had just come out a few days ago. The next day when I head off to work exhausted with zero hours of sleep I got a text from my roommate.
    'Dude the police are all over the apartment complex.'
    Apparently nine apartments including our downstairs neighbor were broken into last night WITH PEOPLE HOME SLEEPING. Some people even reported things being stolen from the rooms they were sleeping in.
    It hit me that had I not stayed up all night and left the light on in the front room I would have been robbed... or worse."

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    Empty house makes a call to 9-1-1

    [ranking: 13]
    "Working as a 911 dispatcher, I got call from a house. Call it back, it's been disconnected. This is actually fairly common and happened whenever it rained. The backstory on the house is that it was vacant and used to have an active landline.
    The theory was that the water was somehow getting to the telephone system to the house, and was setting off false alarms. Well we get one, and I thought about just saying 'f*ck it' but I stuck with protocol and sent an officer.
    The vacant house had just caught on fire. The day after a rain storm. Never found a witness, and the house was saved."

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    Child's night terrors are triggered by live bat stuck in his duvet cover

    [ranking: 15]
    "I grew up in a forestry cottage miles away from any town, we often got toads and birds and other woodland creatures in the house out of the blue. I was seven at the time and suffered from night terrors. My parents often found me about the house at night speaking nonsense or screaming, must have freaked them out to no end. For a few nights I had been shouting at my parents, convinced there was something in my bed, I couldn't sleep because of it but obviously my parents put it down to nightmares. I kept saying something was shaking in my bed and scratching me, they took all my blankets and toys out to show me there was nothing there but I was still convinced. I was an odd child so people often thought I was making things up. Turns out a bat had gotten into the duvet cover, I opened it up one night and this thing flew out, parents ran in and turned the light on to find this bat dinging around the room. Sometimes I'm still woken up by the feeling that there's a bat in my blanket."

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    Man checks on car on the side of the road; finds dead man "sleeping" inside

    [ranking: 5]
    "I drove past a car on my way to class (in college). I always took the back roads to avoid traffic, so it was a bit odd to have a car parked on the side of the road. When I came back from class it was still there. I drove by a bit more slowly and saw what I thought was someone sleeping in there. I thought that was odder still, but maybe someone was traveling and decided to pull off to take a rest and just fell asleep longer than they planned? Nope, next morning I read in the paper a wife killed her husband and dumped his body and the car on that back road."

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    Man goes out for pizza; narrowly avoids cougar attack

    [ranking: 8]
    "I was out in the middle of nowhere at a musical conference my wife was presenting held at an old church retreat camp. One of her presentations ran way over so the lodge's cafeteria was closed. With no car, no phone (this area was so remote there was no coverage for mobile), and no vending machines, the only resort was to walk into the nearest town and get food. I grabbed a coat and flashlight and had no issue on the trip down and snagged a pizza from a spot along the highway around midnight.
    On the way back it was a different story. I got a severe feeling of discomfort, I could feel eyes on me. This was out in the middle of the woods, so my first instinct is there is an animal following me. Knowing most predators like to hit from either above or behind I turned on my phone light and kept it pointed behind me and swept my flashlight up and down as I walk. The whole walk back I heard rustlings, first along one side, then following behind. I kept a steady pace and acted cool... even though I was terrified.
    Shortly before I was back on site, the feeling left, no more sounds. My wife and I enjoyed pizza and slept in. Two days later we got a shock from the news. A homeless woman was found less than 1500 yards from our site that had been mauled and partially consumed in what appeared to be a cougar attack. Estimates of the time of death were the same night I went out for pizza."

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    Family moves into new house; toddler befriends ghost of man who had died there

    [ranking: 3]
    "We moved into a new house a few months ago. As we were in the process of purchasing the house, the renter who was living in it died unexpectedly of natural causes in his mid-40s. He died right in the middle of the living room. Shortly after, we move into the house, and almost immediately our two-year-old daughter starts talking about the ghost that lives in our house. Now let's be real here - she is two and two-year-olds are VERY impressionable. Halloween had recently passed, and she had this Halloween-themed picture book that she loved to read, so it's entirely possible that all this talk of ghosts was just coming from looking through that book on a regular basis. Still, she was always telling me that the ghost was in her play house in the basement, or that the ghost was on the stairs, or that the ghost was standing in the corner. She never seemed to be afraid of the ghost, and considered him to be her friend, so I wasn't all that concerned even if there really was a ghost haunting our house. If he's a nice and helpful ghost, it could certainly be a lot worse. I would often tell the ghost that he was welcome to stay if he wanted to, but he was also welcome to go if that would make him happier. I was about 30/70 on the ghost being real and she could see and talk to him versus the ghost being just her imagination fueled by her Halloween book... until one day, when we were going out to the car to go to daycare in the morning. It was still dark out, and rainy. My daughter told me that the ghost was on the back deck, and then she told me that today was the ghost's birthday and she wanted to sing him Happy Birthday. Once again, I mostly disregarded what she was saying, as she is birthday obsessed and has in the past made us sing Happy Birthday to Mickey Mouse, a bowl of fruit snacks, and the bathroom. So we sang and wished the ghost a happy birthday and went on with our lives. Later that day, out of pure curiosity, I looked up the obituary of the man who had died in our house. And wouldn't you know it? It was his f*cking birthday."


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