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  •  Earthquakes can set off volcanoes, as was the case in the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption and the Mount Etna eruption in 2002.[Earthquakes]

  •  Parkfield, California, is known as “The Earthquake Capital of the World” and has a bridge that spans two tectonic plates.[Earthquakes]

  •  According to American essayist and poet, Henry David Thoreau, "We need the tonic of wildness . . . We can never have enough of nature."[Earth]

  •  There is enough gold in the Earth’s core to cover the entire surface of the Earth in 1.5 feet of the sparkling mineral.[Earth]

  •  The driest place on earth is Chile’s Atacama Desert. Rain has never been recorded in parts of the desert.[Earth]

  •  An estimated 80% of creatures on Earth have six legs.[Earth]

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