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     The Republican Party supports a strong national defense and is generally in favor of the aggressive pursuit of American interests in the international community.[Republican]

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     The rhinoceros beetle can carry up to 850 times its weight on its back. This is equivalent to a person carrying over 50 mini-vans on their back

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     The Hoba meteorite in Namibia is the world's largest known single meteorite, weighing over 119,050 pounds.[Namibia]

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     Gettysburg was the largest battle ever fought in North America. It’s victor, General Meade, was born in Spain.[Civil War]

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     In Berkeley, California, Columbus Day was replaced with Indigenous People’s Day in 1992.[Christopher Columbus]

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     After rising for decades, overseas adoptions to the U.S. have dropped nearly half since 2004. The decline is due to rising regulations and growing sentiment in countries, such as Russia and China, against sending orphans abroad.[Adoption]

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     It takes about 8 hours to fully charge the batteries of an electric car.[Electric Car]

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     The left side, which is historically seen as weaker and “bad,” is also traditionally considered to be the female side. However, current scientific data suggests that men are more likely to be left-handed than women.[Left Handed]

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