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     Abraham Lincoln was the first American to be pictured on an American coin in 1909. The designer Victor David Brenner put his initial VDB at the base of the portrait on Lincoln’s arm.[Money]

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     The largest high-heel shoe on record measures 3.96m (12 feet, 11 inches) long and 2.82 m (9 feet 3 inches) tall. Created by Dido Fashion Club on April 20, 2019, this giant shoe was meant to highlight the artistry of shoes.[High Heel]

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     Research shows that people who laugh at dark jokes have higher IQs and report less aggressive tendencies.[Fun]

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     An adult tapeworm can live 30 years or more. About 175 million people worldwide have tapeworm infections.[Human Parasites]

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     Princess Mary, the wife of Danish Crown Prince Frederik, originally hails from Tasmania, Australia.[Denmark]

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     After an elephant trampled a woman and her two-year-old son to death, it covered them with leaves and twigs.[elephant]

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     Some researchers believe that the Pap smear was not implemented until more than a decade after it was proven to prevent cervical cancer because of fears it would undermine the private practice of medicine, leading to unnecessary surgery and death for millions of women.[Cancer]

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     In 1741, Danish explorer Vitus Bering, commanding the St. Peter, sailed southeast from Kamchatka, came up south of the Aleutians, passed Kodiak, and sighted Mt. St. Elias on the Alaskan mainland. Bering died from scurvy and was buried on what is now Alaska’s Aleutian Islands.[Alaska]

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