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  •  The highest number of surviving children from a single birth is 8, with Californian Nadya Suleman giving birth to octuplets in January 2009. The octuplets were made up of six boys and two girls.[Pregnancy]

  •  An estimated 2 billion people around the world viewed the wedding ceremony of Prince William and Catherine Middleton on April 29, 2011.[United Kingdom]

  •  The term “Arab” is not a racial term but rather a cultural and linguistic term. It refers to those who speak Arabic as their first language. Arabs share a culture and history, but “Arabs” are not a race.[Race and Racism]

  •  Americans spend more time watching other people on television cook than they do cooking themselves.[Fun]

  •  More journalists are imprisoned in Turkey than any other country in the world.[Turkey]

  •  The Romans were the first to stamp the image of a living person on a coin. After winning in war, Julius Caesar featured his portrait on a coin in 44 B.C.[Money]

  •  If laid end-to-end, all the candy corn made in one year would circle the earth 5.7 times.[junk food]

  •  It costs about $20 and takes about 5 hours for the average deer hunter to secure one pound of venison.[Hunting]

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