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Random Greatest Pen and Paper RPGs

    Role-playing game

    Labyrinth Lord

    [ranking: 184]
    Role-playing game

    Changeling: The Dreaming

    [ranking: 39]

    Role-playing game


    [ranking: 181]
    Role-playing game

    Role-playing game


    [ranking: 152]
    Role-playing game

    Iron Kingdoms

    [ranking: 89]

    Role-playing game

    Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

    [ranking: 6]
    Role-playing game


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About Random Greatest Pen and Paper RPGs

It's an exciting tool for displaying random greatest pen and paper rpgs. We collected a list of "Random Greatest Pen and Paper RPGs" from ranker, which was screened by countless online votes. You can view random greatest pen and paper rpgs shows from this page, click on "Show all by ranking" button to show the complete list, or visit the original page for a more detailed introduction.

The greatest pen and paper RPGs (or role-playing games) don't require any kind of fancy technology. No, these RPGs are much more like traditional board games. When in doubt, go for the classics, like RuneQuest, Traveller and the perennially popular Dungeons & Dragons. This list includes a lot of favorites, but it isn't complete, so feel free to add the pen and paper/tabletop RPGs that you love playing the most, too. Vote up the best, vote down the worst and rerank this list any way you want.

If you're looking for something new to play, why not give some of these great, table top RPGs a whirl? It's no accident that RPGs like 'Call of Cthulhu' have been around for a long, long time. Despite the emergence of some incredibly impressive RPG video games, these tabletop RPGs keep us coming back for more. Tabletop RPGs force us to communicate with each other, rather than being glued to a computer or TV screen for hours on end.

Enjoy this list of great table-talk role-playing games, and don't forget to vote for the best tabletop RPG below!

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