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Get random insect(s) from most popular insects.
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    Beetles | insect


  • random insect 2

    Phasmids | insect


  • random insect 3

    Mantis | insect


  • random insect 4

    Hymenoptera | insect


  • random insect 5

    Strepsiptera | insect


  • random insect 6

    Predaceous diving beetles | insect

    Predaceous diving beetles

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About Random Insects Tool

Not only are there many kinds of insects, but also the number of individuals of the same species is impressive, almost all over the world. There are many kinds of insects with different shapes, some of which are even very beautiful. Insects are eaten as food by people of about 3000 nationalities in 80% of the world.

There are millions of insects in the world, but we are only familiar with dozens of them. We have collected the most common 51 kinds of insects, including ants, flies, mosquitoes, butterflies, etc.

The random insect tool can help you select and learn insects. This page displays six kinds of insects by default. You can specify the number to generate. You can see the pictures and names of each kind of insect.

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