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  •  1. What is the definition of pain?

    A one-­‐armed man hanging off a cliff with an itchy bum.

  •  2. Two televisions walk into a bar and the barman says "sorry, we don't serve your kind in here", and one television turns to the other and says "we're not getting a great reception in here"

  •  3. What do you get if you lie, face down under a cow?

    Answer: A PAT ON THE BACK!

  •  4. Two peanuts walk into a bar...........

    One was a salted

  •  5. A square and a circle walk into a bar. The square says to the circle, "Your round!"

  •  6. what did one strawberry say to the other strawbery?
    if you weren't so fresh last night we wouldn't be in this jam.

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