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     1. Why did everyone think the pie was gay? Because he blueberry.

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     2. Hillary should make Bernie the ambassador to Japan. His knowledge of harpooning whales will definitely help bridge the cultural divide.

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     3. how is an antivirus similar to porn? You don't have to pay for it.

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     4. My son didn't understand the concept of a committed relationship, so I told him it's like making a girl your default browser.

  • random joke 5

     5. I'm not gay... But I'm starting to get suspicious that my boyfriend may be! This one was dropped on me by my 10 y/o cousin yesterday.

  • random joke 6

     6. Overwhelming scientific evidence suggests a startling number of people are capable of ignoring overwhelming scientific evidence.

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     7. Know how much a pirate pays for corn? Bucaneer

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     8. Another casualty of 2016... Ronda Rousey's MMA career

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