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  •  John Price, an English explorer, first made note of the koala in 1798, which helped make the little animal famous in the coming years.[koala]

  •  Deforestation could cause koala extinction in certain regions of Australia as early as 2050 if the current rate continues.[koala]

  •  The scientific name of the koala is phascularctos cinereus, from the Greek word phaskolos, meaning “pouch,” and arktos, meaning “bear.”[koala]

  •  Scientists are working to cure chlamydia outbreaks in koalas—a difficult task since antibiotics can prevent cultivation of gut bacteria needed to break down the poison in eucalyptus leaves.[koala]

  •  Some koala populations have had chlamydia infection rates as high as 100%.[koala]

  •  Koalas do not drink very much water; instead, they get moisture from the leaves of the eucalyptus.[koala]

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