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Movies Similar To Jersey Girl(2004)

Here some top rated movies similar to Jersey Girl:

  • similar movie 1


    About a Boy(2002)

    Rating: 6.7  Genre:Drama, Comedy, Romance

    Cast: Hugh Grant, Nicholas Hoult, Toni Collette, Rachel Weisz, Natalia Tena, Victoria Smurfit, Augustus Prew, Sharon Small, Madison Cook

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  • similar movie 2


    The Perfect Man(2005)

    Rating: 6.1  Genre:Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance

    Cast: Hilary Duff, Heather Locklear, Chris Noth, Mike O'Malley, Ben Feldman, Vanessa Lengies, Caroline Rhea, Kym Whitley, Aria Wallace

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  • similar movie 3



    Rating: 7.3  Genre:Comedy, Drama, Music, Romance, War

    Cast: John Savage, Treat Williams, Beverly D'Angelo, Annie Golden, Dorsey Wright, Don Dacus, Miles Chapin, Richard Bright, Nicholas Ray

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 4


    The Lobster(2015)

    Rating: 7  Genre:Comedy, Drama, Romance

    Cast: Colin Farrell, Rachel Weisz, Léa Seydoux, Ben Whishaw, Ariane Labed, John C. Reilly, Jessica Barden, Olivia Colman, Ashley Jensen

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 5


    St. Elmo's Fire(1985)

    Rating: 6.2  Genre:Drama, Romance, Comedy

    Cast: Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, Mare Winningham, Martin Balsam, Andie MacDowell

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 6



    Rating: 7.4  Genre:Drama, Comedy, Romance

    Cast: Noah Taylor, Paddy Considine, Craig Roberts, Yasmin Paige, Steffan Rhodri, Darren Evans, Sally Hawkins, Osian Cai Dulais, Lily McCann

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 7



    Rating: 6.9  Genre:Comedy, Drama, Romance

    Cast: Cher, Nicolas Cage, Vincent Gardenia, Olympia Dukakis, Danny Aiello, Julie Bovasso, John Mahoney, Louis Guss, Feodor Chaliapin Jr.

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 8


    Just Before I Go(2015)

    Rating: 6.5  Genre:Comedy, Drama, Romance

    Cast: Seann William Scott, Olivia Thirlby, Kate Walsh, Garret Dillahunt, Rob Riggle, David Arquette, Kyle Gallner, Jack Quaid, Evan Ross

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 9


    How to Lose Friends & Alienate People(2008)

    Rating: 6  Genre:Comedy, Romance, Drama

    Cast: Simon Pegg, Kirsten Dunst, Danny Huston, Gillian Anderson, Megan Fox, Miriam Margolyes, Bill Paterson, Max Minghella, Jefferson Mays

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 10


    Book Club(2018)

    Rating: 6.2  Genre:Comedy, Romance, Drama

    Cast: Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, Mary Steenburgen, Craig T. Nelson, Andy García, Don Johnson, Richard Dreyfuss, Alicia Silverstone

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 11



    Rating: 6.9  Genre:Drama, Comedy, Romance

    Cast: Eliza Scanlen, Ben Mendelsohn, Essie Davis, Toby Wallace, Andrea Demetriades, Emily Barclay, Charles Grounds, Priscilla Doueihy, Jack Yabsley

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 12


    And So It Goes(2014)

    Rating: 6.1  Genre:Comedy, Drama, Romance

    Cast: Michael Douglas, Diane Keaton, Sterling Jerins, Paloma Guzmán, Frances Sternhagen, Frankie Valli, Andy Karl, Mina Mirkhah, Alvin Crawford

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 13


    The Art of Racing in the Rain(2019)

    Rating: 8.3  Genre:Comedy, Drama, Romance

    Cast: Milo Ventimiglia, Kevin Costner, Amanda Seyfried, Martin Donovan, Ian Lake, Gary Cole, Kathy Baker, McKinley Belcher III, Ryan Kiera Armstrong

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 14


    The Spectacular Now(2013)

    Rating: 6.6  Genre:Comedy, Drama, Romance

    Cast: Miles Teller, Shailene Woodley, Masam Holden, Kaitlyn Dever, Brie Larson, Kyle Chandler, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Karen Strassman

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 15



    Rating: 6.8  Genre:Comedy, Drama, Romance

    Cast: Cher, Winona Ryder, Christina Ricci, Bob Hoskins, Michael Schoeffling, Caroline McWilliams, Jan Miner, Betsy Townsend, Richard McElvain

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 16


    The Young Girls of Rochefort(1967)

    Rating: 7.7  Genre:Romance, Comedy, Drama

    Cast: Catherine Deneuve, Françoise Dorléac, Jacques Perrin, Gene Kelly, Danielle Darrieux, Michel Piccoli, George Chakiris, Grover Dale, Jacques Riberolles

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 17



    Rating: 6  Genre:Romance, Drama, Comedy

    Cast: Dakota Johnson, Cosmo Jarvis, Henry Golding, Richard E. Grant, Nikki Amuka-Bird, Ben Bailey Smith, Mia McKenna-Bruce, Izuka Hoyle, Nia Towle

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 18


    Risky Business(1983)

    Rating: 6.6  Genre:Comedy, Romance, Drama

    Cast: Tom Cruise, Rebecca De Mornay, Curtis Armstrong, Bronson Pinchot, Joe Pantoliano, Richard Masur, Shera Danese, Raphael Sbarge, Janet Carroll

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 19


    The Devil Wears Prada(2006)

    Rating: 7.4  Genre:Comedy, Drama, Romance

    Cast: Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Stanley Tucci, Simon Baker, Adrian Grenier, Tracie Thoms, Rich Sommer, Daniel Sunjata

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

  • similar movie 20


    Salmon Fishing in the Yemen(2012)

    Rating: 6.4  Genre:Drama, Romance, Comedy

    Cast: Ewan McGregor, Emily Blunt, Kristin Scott Thomas, Rachael Stirling, Amr Waked, Catherine Steadman, Tom Mison, Tom Beard, Jill Baker

    Overview & Trailer   Similar

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Jersey Girl is a Comedy, Romance, Drama film starring , Ben Affleck, Raquel Castro, Liv Tyler, George Carlin, Jason Biggs, Jennifer Lopez, Stephen Root, Mike Starr, Will Smith, . The film is released in 2004 and has a score of 6.1/10. Below is the plot introduce.

Ollie Trinke is a young, suave music publicist who seems to have it all, with a new wife and a baby on the way. But life deals him a bum hand when he's suddenly faced with single fatherhood, a defunct career and having to move in with his father. To bounce back, it takes a new love and the courage instilled in him by his daughter.

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