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  •  In what is called "autophagy," bored octopuses will often eat their own arms.[octopus]

  •  The giant Pacific octopus can in swim in depths of up to 5,000 feet.[octopus]

  •  Octopus ink serves two purposes: it both hides the octopus, and it physically harms enemies.[octopus]

  •  The plural of octopus is not octopi because the word is Greek "octopous," not Latin. The Greek plural would be octopodes, but scientists refer to them as octopuses.[octopus]

  •  Octopuses have been known to rip the stinging tentacles from a Portuguese Man-O-War and use them as weapons.[octopus]

  •  Octopuses can not only change color, they can also change texture.[octopus]

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