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  • random phrase 1

    Movers and shakers

    Meaning: People of energetic demeanour, who initiate change and influence events.

  • random phrase 2

    Put on your thinking cap

    Meaning: Take time for consideration of some question.

  • random phrase 3

    You look as if you've been dragged through a hedge backwards

    Meaning: Said to someone who is unkempt and whose hair needs brushing.

  • random phrase 4

    Vice versa

    Meaning: The reverse of the previous statement, with the main items transposed. Vice versa originates as Latin, with the literal translation being 'the other way round' or 'the position being reversed', but is now fully absorbed into English.

  • random phrase 5

    A Dog in the Manger


  • random phrase 6

    Curiosity Killed The Cat


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About Random Phrases Tool

In common usage, a phrase is usually a group of words with a special idiomatic meaning or other meanings, which may be an idiom, proverb, or saying. Because of its general characteristics, it is often used daily.

If you are learning phrases, the random phrase tool on this page is just what you need.

We have collected more than 1800 commonly used phrases, often appearing in various scenes of our lives. It is effortless to use this random phrase tool. This page displays six phrases by default. You can use the generator at the top of the page to input the number of phrases to generate. You can generate up to 50 random phrases at a time or directly refresh the button to obtain six new random phrases.

What can this random phrase tool do?

1. It can be used as a learning tool, especially for students or international students who are learning English. Because we collect the most commonly used phrases, and this page will randomly display some phrases each time, you can try to remember them first and then test which phrases you have known by refreshing.

2. As an inspiration tool, you must be more creative if you are writing. When you feel that the story is difficult to continue, it is better to choose a random phrase as a reference to continue the next plot.

3. As the topic of conversation, yes, you can also see that many phrases are fascinating, such as "kick the bucket," which first appeared in slang dictionary hundreds of years ago to mean "One Bolsover having hung himself from a beam while standing on a pay, or bucket, kicked this vessel away in order to try into future and it was all UP with him from that moment: Finis," This can be used as an interesting trivia fact or chat topic.

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