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  • 作家 用 事典 説 :

    translation: Dictionary for the writer:

  • How Crazy わかったようにアタシのこと話すのはやめてよ How Crazy 深い海に沈んでゆく船から逃げてきたの 夢にlove love love いつも 純情じゃいられない How Crazy 冷たいギター もう一度そっと 抱きかかえて一人で あの頃みたいに歌った

    translation: How crazy, quit talking to me like you understand How crazy, I escaped from a ship that's sinking into the deep ocean In my dreams it's always love love love I don't need a pure heart, how crazy Once again, carrying my cold guitar In my arms, alone I sing just like I did back then

  • 2012年、前身団体であるバナナ学園純情乙女組を解散。

    translation: In 2012, it broke up the banana school naive young girl set, the predecessor organization.

  • 1980 年に『月刊少年チャンピオン』(秋田書店)連載の『よろしく純情大将』でデビュー。

    translation: In 1980, he was debuted in "My Regards, Naive General", a series of "MONTHLY SHŌNEN CHAMPION" (Akita Shoten).

  • WinterWind - 楽譜一覧 (純情スカート)

    translation: WinterWind - Sheet Music (Pure-Hearted Skirt)

  • 君は意外に純情だね。

    translation: I'm surprised that you're so naïve.

  • 果たして、DTCの奇想天外な純情旅の結末は... ?

    translation: What is the end of DTC's unbelievable pure trip...?

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