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  • påfallande

    Meaning: conspicuous, striking

  • en saga

    Meaning: 1. a fairy tale; 2. a saga; 3. a myth

  • en straffspark

    Meaning: a penalty kick, e.g. in soccer

  • att mätta

    Meaning: 1. to feed, to make full, to satisfy; 2. to saturate (chemistry)

  • en duk

    Meaning: 1. a cloth, a piece of fabric (cotton etc); 2. a canvas (e.g. for painting on); 3. [en bords~ ] a tablecloth

  • en tapet

    Meaning: a wallpaper

  • en klump

    Meaning: a lump, a clot, a clump

  • mitt

    Meaning: 1. middle, (right) in the middle of; 2. [~ emellan] halfway between; 3. [~ fram] right in front; 4. [~ framför ögonen på honom] right in front of his nose

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This page generates 6 commonly used Swedish words by default. We have collected the 8269 most commonly used words in Swedish. These words are the most frequently used words in Swedish daily. As you can see, you can see the meaning of each Swedish word shown above in English, which can help you remember the word more easily.

You can use this random Swedish word tool to learn Swedish. Through the randomly displayed Swedish words each time you can quickly find the words you have forgotten, and review them in time.

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