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Get random tarot cards from all tarot cards(78).
  • Random Tarot Card 1

    Judgement | Random Tarot Card


  • Random Tarot Card 2

    Two of Swords | Random Tarot Card

    Two of Swords

  • Random Tarot Card 3

    Page of Swords | Random Tarot Card

    Page of Swords

  • Random Tarot Card 4

    Seven of Wands | Random Tarot Card

    Seven of Wands

  • Random Tarot Card 5

    Ten of Cups | Random Tarot Card

    Ten of Cups

  • Random Tarot Card 6

    Ace of Cups | Random Tarot Card

    Ace of Cups

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About Random Tarot Card Tool

Tarot cards, known as "Mysteries of Nature." It is an ancient tool of divination in the West. It was popular in Europe in the Middle Ages and its status is equivalent to that of China's Zhouyi. Its origin has always been a mystery. Tarot has a total of 78 cards, including 22 large Alcana cards and 56 small Alcana cards, which can be used separately for divination, or 78 cards can be used together for divination.

We have collected all tarot cards, each tarot card contains name and picture. You can easily use this tool. This page generates 6 tarot cards by default every time. You can also enter the number to generate them. This tool can be used for gaming or testing purposes, This is a very interesting thing, let's try it.

Tarot card list
  1. The Chariot
  2. The Hermit
  3. Knight of Pentacles
  4. The High Priestess
  5. Page of Wands
  6. Six of Pentacles
  7. Seven of Cups
  8. Three of Cups
  9. Three of Wands
  10. Strength
  11. Ace of Swords
  12. Ace of Pentacles
  13. Five of Swords
  14. Six of Wands
  15. Six of Swords
  16. Nine of Pentacles
  17. Two of Cups
  18. King of Swords
  19. Judgement
  20. Eight of Cups
  21. Four of Cups
  22. The Lovers
  23. Seven of Pentacles
  24. The Hierophant
  25. Two of Swords
  26. The Hanged Man
  27. Nine of Cups
  28. Ten of Pentacles
  29. Temperance
  30. Page of Swords
  31. Eight of Pentacles
  32. Eight of Swords
  33. Page of Pentacles
  34. Queen of Cups
  35. Three of Swords
  36. Queen of Wands
  37. Ten of Swords
  38. Five of Wands
  39. Ten of Wands
  40. Queen of Swords
  41. Queen of Pentacles
  42. King of Cups
  43. Five of Cups
  44. Two of Pentacles
  45. Page of Cups
  46. Four of Swords
  47. Two of Wands
  48. Knight of Swords
  49. Knight of Cups
  50. Five of Pentacles
  51. The Magician
  52. Ace of Wands
  53. The Tower
  54. Seven of Wands
  55. The Devil
  56. Wheel of Fortune
  57. Knight of Wands
  58. Four of Pentacles
  59. Ten of Cups
  60. The Emperor
  61. Death
  62. The World
  63. Eight of Wands
  64. King of Pentacles
  65. Three of Pentacles
  66. Nine of Wands
  67. The Empress
  68. Four of Wands
  69. King of Wands
  70. Seven of Swords
  71. Justice
  72. The Moon
  73. The Fool
  74. Nine of Swords
  75. The Star
  76. Ace of Cups
  77. The Sun
  78. Six of Cups

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