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Random Truckers Describe The Creepiest Thing They've Seen

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    Lost Time

    [ranking: 7]
    From a former Redditor:
    New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah are some states that to this day, I still see sh*t in the skies that I can't explain. Lights rapidly changing direction and taking off at blinding speeds, but no sound barrier being broken. I've seen lights hovering over the desert several miles off the interstate, then it suddenly takes off and the lights cut out. Various shapes and sizes from what I can make out (again, night driver). I know military aircraft pretty well, and some of them more than likely were, but some of them absolutely can not be any military air craft currently in mainstream use. Conventional aircraft do not move like that. The most vivid one would be at an off ramp in New Mexico, I stopped to take a [pee]. And decided to turn it into a 15 minute break since my [butt] was sore anyway. As I'm stargazing and admiring how clear the sky is, I saw what looked like a formation of lights in the shape of a triangle lift off from the desert floor, and then take off into the sky. I kept me eyes on it, and it just kept gaining altitude until the lights just disappeared. I look down at my watch and notice it's not ticking, so I pull out my phone and it's off. I turn my phone on, and according to the time on my phone, it had been 5 minutes since my watch stopped. I felt like whatever it was that just took off had something to do with it.

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    Scare Bear

    [ranking: 16]
    From Redditor /u/k0mk0v:
    Driving during a rain storm and seeing a bear with matted down fur walking on his rear legs like a person. Honestly thought it was bigfoot. Had to do a few double takes in my mirror when I passed him.

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    Sick Truckers

    [ranking: 14]
    From a former Redditor:
    Well, my dad is a trucker. He used to be able to take me on trips with him. It was like a summer trip. Got to see a lot of the country this way.
    But one trip was scary. We were pulling into a station, and suddenly these two guys start talking over the CB, detailing all the dirty things they wanted to do to me. I was 14, and didn't really understand what was going on. Then dad starts yelling at them over the CB, telling them who I was (his kid), how old I was, and that he was going to kill them. This only encouraged them, and they got more explicit. Dad made the mike squeal to try and block them out.
    Next thing I know, dad's grabbing his gun and... calling on all the truckers to ID the two dirty truckers. They all form some kind of posse and hunt them down. Luckily, they were miles down the road. They did get plates and company name.
    Now, dad's on the pay phone screaming at the company, giving them all the info, and threatening legal action if things weren't handled. I'm just sitting there ashamed, because I really didn't understand the situation, and was worried that somehow I was in trouble.
    Dad made me promise I would never tell mom, and we continue our trip. The mountains were very pretty.

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    Unpredictable Homeless Man

    [ranking: 17]
    From a former Redditor:
    Scariest for me was a homeless dude getting [angry] that I didn't give him money for food, offering food instead. He said the hot cheetos bag I offered would tear up his stomach, but he'd just said he was eating from the garbage, so I was like whatever. I shut the curtain, then heard a noise behind the truck. He's pounding and screaming. Tells me I shut the door in his face, how he'd never do that, blah blah. A hand full of change makes him leave, and now I have a .40 on my hip when I park. Load bars, chains, and the spare were still there in the morning, so at least he didn't steal anything. I've seen him a couple times since.

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    Found A Dollar

    [ranking: 8]
    From a former Redditor:
    Kent, TX is another one. There's an old Chevron station I think it is, seems like FedEx drivers like stopping in there in droves. I'm guessing it's a popular drop and hook point for them or something. But I stop one day, and I need to take a [pee]. I don't know why I didn't stop in Van Horn. So I pull off, and I roll up to the empty lot across the street. Kent is an abandoned town. I walk up to the bush line and notice a makeshift firepit. The wood is somewhat burned, but not all the way. The weird thing is that there's an unscathed dollar bill stuck in the wood. For a second I was like "Ooo piece of candy!" but then this sudden feeling of NOPE came over me. So I left it alone and [peed] in the bush. As I'm walking back, I look over at it and get a real negative feeling. I look to the ground in front of me and bam, there's a rattlesnake looking right at me. I stop dead in my tracks, and walk carefully around it, and it keeps staring at me. I ran as fast as I could back to my truck feeling like somebody was behind me. I kicked up a lot of dust getting out of there, and have never stopped in Kent since.

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    This Wheel's On Fire

    [ranking: 18]
    From a former Redditor:
    My cousin's a long haul driver and he reckons the scariest thing he's ever seen was his own rig on fire.
    He was driving at night somewhere in the northwest of Australia when he saw some sparks in his passenger wing mirror. He stopped to check it out and saw that the rim of one of his rear wheels was glowing red hot because "the wheel bearing had sh*t itself".
    Before he could even think, the tyres burst into flames. He was unable to reach the fire extinguisher because of the flames so he had to call the fire brigade and stand back. The prime mover and semi trailer full of watermelon were engulfed by flames within a minute or two and by the time the firies showed up they were completely destroyed.


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