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  •  Intensive hunting in the 1900s by whalers seeking whale oil drove them to the brink of extinction. Hundreds of thousands of whales were killed.[whale]

  •  “Fluking” is the term used for when a whale lifts its tail out of the water prior to making a deep dive. Because each whale species’ tail has unique features, fluking allows whale observers to identify species at a distance.[whale]

  •  Prior to the invention of deep submersible boats, the sole source of knowledge about the ocean’s depths came from scientific examination of the stomach contents of sperm whales. The sperm whale often dives below 10,000 feet in pursuit of squid but must return to the surface in order to breathe.[whale]

  •  Although the blue whale is a deep-water hunter, as a mammal, it must come to the surface of the sea to breathe. When it surfaces, it exhales air out of a blowhole in a cloud of pressurized vapour that rises vertically above the water for up to 9m.[whale]

  •  About 50 million years ago, whales walked on land and were about the size of a wolf.[whale]

  •  Blue whales have fairer skin than other types of whales and, consequently, get sunburned more often when they come to the surface to breath, feed their young, and socialize. Scientists believe that the hole in the ozone layer is increasing the number and severity of the burns.[whale]

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