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Random Athletes Who Were Bullied

  • Tiger Woods on Random Athletes Who Were Bullied

    (#1) Tiger Woods

    • 44
    Golf legend Tiger Woods was the victim of racial slurs from his fellow classmates.
  • Brittney Griner on Random Athletes Who Were Bullied

    (#5) Brittney Griner

    • 29
    Brittney Griner talked about being bullied in her autobiography "In My Skin: My Life on and off the Basketball Court."
  • Adonal Foyle on Random Athletes Who Were Bullied

    (#3) Adonal Foyle

    • 44
    In 2013, Adonal Foyle penned an editorial in which he discussed the life long scars that occur from bullying. "On many occasions, I was the subject of name-calling. In many instances, violent confrontations would ensue," he wrote. "For a very long time, I wasn’t sure what it was about me that incurred wrath from others."
  • Jonathan Martin on Random Athletes Who Were Bullied

    (#4) Jonathan Martin

    • 30
    In 2014, Jonathan Martin stated that his Miami Dolphins teammates Richie Incognito, John Jerry and Mike Pouncey repeatedly bullied him. Racial slurs and taunts about his mother and sister were amongst the topics of the harassment.
  • Garrett Gilkey on Random Athletes Who Were Bullied

    (#6) Garrett Gilkey

    • 29
    In 2013, Garrett Gilkey joined an anti-bullying campaign, drawing from his past experiences of being bullied in high school.
  • Michael Phelps on Random Athletes Who Were Bullied

    (#2) Michael Phelps

    • 34
    Michael Phelps was made fun of for his long arms and big ears. The swimmer went on to use those long limbs to win several gold medals.

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Whether in classrooms, playgrounds, or on the most popular social media, bullying is flourishing all over the world, with children and adults being bullied almost every day. People cried, depressed because of cruel bullying, and even commit suicide in the most serious cases. Unfortunately, that is not a new problem. Even some people who have become very successful and strong athletes may have faced bullying.

Please do not tolerate any form of bullying. If you are being bullied, please ask others for help. The random tool has 6 items, it is a collection of random 6 athletes who were bullied. It is hard to imagine that such a strong person would be bullied, but this is reality. You could find more information about each victim.

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