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  •  And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger(anchor man roast)

  •  Damn ... guess yet again I bought all of those Jumbo sized condoms for nothing!! Oh well ... Looks like i'm having another big post Valentines day Water Balloon drop off my balcony tomorrow.

  •  Our parents would tell us when they were young they had to walk to school uphill both ways! Nowadays I tell my kids when I was young I used to play outside!

  •  Well, you could say I'm hobosexual. -a weird Hobo Enthusiast

  •  "Sometimes you can sneak the tight end in the back" that sounded so dirty!

  •  I dreamt I had bought a blackberry. Sigh. These nightmares are really getting worse.

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About Random Status Tool

Status, often needed on some social networking sites, such as facebook, is usually your recent emotional state, which allows others to better know you. We often need to change our status, but sometimes you may not know how to say it. We have collected more than 100,000 states, these statuses have been the real state of others, may give you some inspiration.

In the meantime, you can also generate the statuses, just enter the quantity you want to generate. We added a small feature, click the status with the mouse, it will automatically select the appropriate text, this is a convenient copy tool.

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