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  • West Virginia on Random Best Beer In Every State

    (#36) West Virginia

    • 1863-06-20

    This proudly tiny microbrewery is located in the town of Fayetteville, and it gladly produces unique and surprising concoctions that many might not expect to find in West Virginia, such as European-inspired beers and ales that defy convention.

    For those who make a trip to the quaint tasting room, check out the Belgian tripel call Triple, the Belgian dubbel known as the Dun Glen Dubbel, or the German schwarzbier called Black Diamond Lager.

  • Washington on Random Best Beer In Every State

    (#24) Washington

    • 1889-11-11

    A post shared by fremontbrewing (@fremontbrewing) on

    For the minds behind Fremont Brewing Company, using locally sourced, mainly organic ingredients is a beautiful "doorway to beer's history." Established in Seattle in 2009, this small-batch artisanal brewery also features a beer garden with many of its brews on tap.

    In terms of Fremont's most celebrated beers, fans say the best brews are the Rusty Nail (an English oatmeal stout), an American ale known as Coffee Cinnamon B-Bomb, and Brew 3000, an English barleywine.

  • Florida on Random Best Beer In Every State

    (#5) Florida

    • 1845-03-03

    A post shared by Cigar City Brewing (@cigarcitybrewing) on

    Cigar City Brewing brings handcrafted beers, which it says are "steeped in the unique culture and history" of Florida, to the people of Tampa Bay. All of Cigar City's beers - save for those that note they are "brewed with lactose" - are vegan, and a great option for those who don't consume animal byproducts.

    If you're looking for a choice brew, fans say you can't go wrong with Hunahpu's Imperial Stout or the Caffè Americano.

  • Vermont on Random Best Beer In Every State

    (#13) Vermont

    • 1791-03-04

    A post shared by Hill Farmstead Brewery (@hillfarmstead) on

    This elegant and celebrated microbrewery, located in the town of Greensboro Bend in the state's Northeast Kingdom, was established in 2010 by a passionate brewer name Shaun E. Hill, who made his first home brew as a science fair project in high school. He honed his craft apprenticing under a master brewer in Copenhagen, Denmark, before returning to Vermont to open Hill Farmstead.

    This world-class brewery has a great many beers that fans have come to love, but among the most acclaimed are the New England IPAs Abner and Double Galaxy, and a Belgian saison called Ann.

  • Minnesota on Random Best Beer In Every State

    (#9) Minnesota

    • 1817-12-10

    A post shared by Surly Brewing (@surlybrewing) on

    This popular microbrewery has a simple motto that seems to be at the forefront of its ethos: "Brew remarkable beer. Give a damn. Be independent. Don't be a d*ck."

    If you get the chance to check out any of Surly's locations, fans suggest trying the Abrasive Ale, an American imperial IPA, and Darkness - a Russian imperial stout.

  • Indiana on Random Best Beer In Every State

    (#4) Indiana

    • 1816-12-11

    A post shared by 3 Floyds Brewing (@3floydsbrewing) on

    This craft brewery, located in Munster, was founded in 1996 by Mike Floyd and his sons, Nick and Simon - hence the name. The brewery includes an adjacent brewpub, which features pub-only beer options. 3 Floyds also recently opened up a distillery across from the brewery, which offers craft gins and whiskey selections.

    As for the beers, fans of 3 Floyds Brewing have an affinity for the Marshmallow Handjee - a Russian imperial stout featuring a robust 15% ABV - as well as Zombie Dust, which is an American pale ale.

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